The importance of staff training for security

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Training your staff on security is an absolute must. Employees might not know how to properly use all the security solutions within your building, which can create a massive security breach. Here we explore some of the “popular” security breaches.

Social Engineering

Social engineering is something fairly simple to do. Social engineering is the process of manipulating someone to release confidential information, by sending an email or posing as the I.T. support desk or something similar. One of the more recent social engineering hacks involved Rogers. The article can be found here. In the case of security and I.T. close to anyone can pose as support personnel for these solutions. Unfortunately sometimes these are not the actual support technicians that you want to surrender any information to.

All in all it is a very good idea to NEVER surrender any passwords to anyone. Your I.T .support and Security providers will have all the necessary passwords they need and shouldn’t have to ask for them. This should be mentioned in your training. If you know your support technician personally, and you are asked for a password that is okay, but nothing beyond that. The same also goes for emails. Passwords or any confidential information should never be sent via email, especially if an email is asking for any confidential information. Most of the time this is a scam.

Access Control

Access control systems are another potential for a security breach. From propped open doors, holding the door for another person out of courtesy, or pressing the button for someone else in the elevator. Courtesy unfortunately brings with it a myriad of security issues. So called tailgating is the process of someone following through the door, when someone with an authorized access level swiped the card. To avoid tailgating, your staff has to be educated on the very real issue. Holding the door for someone is alright, as long as every single person swipes their card and they get a positive response. As for the elevator, every occupant will have to press their own button, even if it is the same floor.

These steps may seem to complicate things, but they are unfortunately the only way to ensure the security of your building. Having everyone swipe their key card on all readers they pass, will not only create a more accurate access log, but will ensure that only authorized people are entering. It does not add much hassle for the user, as they would have had to swipe if the door was closed regardless.

Our Security Techs

The security of your buildings is very important to us. That is why we will always have an up to date list of all of our technicians on our website. Should you ever be in doubt whether they are part of our crew, you will be able to reference back to our website. Social engineering is something that is very hard to avoid. That’s why we take as many steps as we can to help you prevent it. With most other security companies you won’t know whether the person identifying themselves as a tech is actually a tech. That’s how we make a difference.

Get in Touch

Do you want to leave it up to your employees and see whether your building will remain secure? Let us help you get ahead on your security. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. You can call us at any time at (403) 477-4800 or email us at [email protected].

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