Security during renovations/construction

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When a building is under construction or renovations it is extremely vulnerable. Smaller buildings and buildings as large as airports, are all susceptible to theft and security violations during that construction period. Unfortunately security is overlooked during most of these phases.

Security can be very beneficial to renovation and construction processes. If there are security solutions already installed it allows to secure the building even during the construction process. With the help of a security contractor, such as ourselves, the doors can be reconfigured, additional secured areas can be created for construction areas and cameras can be relocated as needed. Adding further security devices is much simpler as walls and ceilings are more accessible.

Importance of proper temporary Installation

Even during renovations security solutions, that had previously been installed, can be a great helper. Surveillance solutions allow you to see your building and the progress of the construction. Access Control can help you keep customers and employees out of an area that is under construction, while not disrupting your day to day workflow. We recommend working with a security solution provider, such as ourselves for the relocation of the cameras and access control systems, if needed. During renovations some things can be overlooked, that’s why we recommend getting a technician in to check all the wiring and the devices, before the walls are closed up. That way any damages don’t go unnoticed and will be costly to repair.

Start getting quotes for your security project before the commencement of the renovations/construction

During renovations, most walls and ceilings will receive a makeover. This allows for much easier wire pulling, since any damages that may occur will be fixed during the renovations. Some spots are very hard to reach once the drywall is done up and might take hours, what might take minutes if it was done without any drywall in the way. Unfortunately often overlooked, it is important to get your security and A/V quotes in before you start with your renovations or construction. This will actually safe you money, and allow for any modifications of the building to be included in the renovation. Once all wires are run it can be very hard to run another wire through the same hole, that’s why you should know your setup before starting the renovations.

Cost savings

The more obvious side of things to getting a quote before the renovation starts is the cost savings factor. Cost savings arise from much shorter installation times and the ability to actually look through walls during the quoting process. This way any problems that may arise can be alleviated instead of running into them during installation. For fishing wires, this can be done much more easily, by running the wiring within the wall and ceiling. No ceiling tiles or drywall in the way. Since nothing can be damaged, and nothing has to be moved out of the way for the wire to be run, it is much quicker to run wiring during a renovation.

Seeing through Walls

Seeing through walls once they are closed up is sadly impossible, but not during a renovation. When everything in your building is exposed and all the products that will be installed have been decided on, it is much easier to run all the wiring that may be needed, instead of guessing. When some wires are run, it usually turns out that another one is required for the device that you have decided on after the fact. That’s why we recommend being proactive and getting all your quotes together before the actual renovation. That way certain walls can be modified to allow for something that you may have never thought about. Visualizing the space without knowing what you’ll be putting into it can become a problem down the road.

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