Authorized Security is now a Kantech Authorized Dealer

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Authorized Security is now a Kantech Authorized integrator. We are now able to service and install existing and new Kantech Access Control systems. Our technicians are now trained to work with Kantech systems, which are very advanced access control solutions allowing you to manage hundreds of doors, thousands of users and create special conditions for each and every user or door. Our sales team can help design new access control installations and upgrade or add to existing access control installations.

Kantech Access Control.

Kantech KT400 controller and access card readers Kantech has been building access control solutions for many years. Their systems are very advanced and have enterprise features packed into an easy to understand software.  Entrapass, the access control software interface for the access control includes an idea to use yet feature packed mobile and Web app. Adding and deleting or even editing users, access levels, schedules and more is easier than ever anywhere you go. From small two door installations to multi-line installations with hundreds of doors each, the software and hardware is scalable to accommodate it all. We can arrange a demo for you so you can view the software and get a feel for it.

Cloud hosted access control

Authorized Security offers cloud hosted options for Kantech, that way there is no need for management of a server on site. Less on site equipment, guaranteed uptime and affordable. Cloud hosted access control still gives the end user all functionality and enterprise level features without the initial investment into software and server costs. Maintenance is also minimized as servers require regular upkeep, which is taken completely out of the equation. The system will function even in case of an on site Internet failure and will allow for remote management. All features can be access from the entrapass go app and the Web app accompanied by the Kantech software. Cloud hosted solutions are a great option for organizations of all sizes as they allow for the same features without any of the hassle.

Integration into DSC and Exacq products

Kantech integration with Exacq servers and DSC alarm systemsKantech Entrapass software suite allows for integration of DSC alarm panels and Exacq video surveillance servers. These features allow for authorized users to arm and disarm the alarm system right from the access control card readers. The software also allows for easy management of all alarm codes in the organization, even across multiple locations. Exacq servers are advanced video surveillance servers that can also be integrated into the Entrapass software. This allows for events to be accompanied with video footage of the event, as well as viewing a door right from a mobile device when unlocking or relocating it. All these advanced features are possible with the entrapass software and best of all they are backwards compatible,  so older systems can be upgraded to include all these features.

Getting service or a new installation

Getting a technician for a service call or a quote for a new install or upgrade is as easy as calling or emailing us. We are available 24/7 to maintain all your devices, regardless if we installed them or not. Our technicians and sales team are all ready to help with all your access control needs. Call us today at 1 (844) 230-2730 or email at [email protected].

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