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“Oh, sorry your cameras were not recording.” Unfortunately, this is a situation we walk into way too often, and it is not pleasant. Cameras are oftentimes installed and then never referenced until something happens, at which point the cameras may not have recorded. Worst of all is finding that out when something happened, which can be a costly loss or even worse situations. At that point liability can be huge, because of the false sense of security that had been conveyed by the business to patrons, that felt safe due to all the security solution installations. Law suits will start rolling in, and suddenly the slightly higher priced surveillance solution is looking like a much better idea. Milestone Care plus is a solution that can help eliminate those problems.

Milestone Care Plus

Milestone and Authorized Security wants to prevent that exact situation from happening with Milestone Care Plus. Milestone Care plus is a warranty service that we can provide as a Milestone Partner. The Care Plus will keep your systems under warranty for as long as Care Plus is utilized. Let’s face it, your devices are going to break 5 to 10 years down the road regardless. That way, you will receive a new server should the current one crash right away and won’t have to invest in a brand-new server and wait for that to be put in. Care Plus is also significantly less costly than a new server, making it a very smart investment.

Care Plus Remote Features

Care Plus goes beyond just saving you money on the server replacement whenever that may happen, by providing Authorized Security as the integrator with important information about all devices that are installed. From cameras disconnecting to hard drive health issues and even server troubles or internet connection losses, Milestone will report it all to us. This way we can fix any issues that may arise remotely without having to be on site, saving you money since no service call is required. The reporting also allows for us to respond to issues right away instead of having to wait for a technician. We can even fix things before they become a problem, that way your server is always running and you never have to worry about it again.


Milestone Care Plus is a definite must for every Husky system, as it protects your investment and allows for us to keep an eye out for you. Other NVR’s may be lower priced, because they are less feature packed making it smart for surveillance solutions on a budget. But the Husky NVR as offered by Milestone is the perfect companion for a surveillance solution that should have enterprise level features at a yet affordable price. With every Husky we sell, we always recommend the Care Plus as the perfect companion. Priced at less than $15 per month, there is no reason not to invest in it.


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