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As you may have previously read in one of our past posts, the City of Calgary Alarm Bylaw division has been implementing a variety of changes to minimize false alarms on alarm systems, as well as increase their funding for alarm calls through a new false alarm fee structure, and a newly implemented charge structure for alarm permits.

New Installation Fire Alarm Panel Monitoring

Unfortunately, this means that having an alarm system just got more expensive, regardless of the monthly rate you may be paying. With our solutions, you can save money even with these additional charges that are now taking effect. Call us to find out just how affordable our rates are. We achieve these rates without compromising on service or product quality, simply by providing an easy and honest structure.

New Charges for Alarm Permits

Alarm permits are usually handled by the alarm company, advising the police services for the jurisdiction to keep track of installed alarm systems. Cities, such as Calgary, Edmonton, and Lethbridge all require alarm permits, and will not respond to an alarm call if the building does not have a permit. This is part of minimizing false alarm calls, to ensure adequate response times to real break-ins.

Perhaps the largest difference is the yearly renewal of the alarm permits. Until now, we used to submit the alarm permit once, and until it was updated or canceled by the installing alarm company or someone taking over, the permit would stay in place for the building. Now the requirement will be that the alarm permit is renewed on a yearly basis. Renewals are also connected to a fee charged by the City for the application. The fees are $15 for residential premises and $20 for commercial premises. Anyone located outside of city limits is not required to pay these fees, though other jurisdictions are also slowly phasing alarm permits and the connected charges into the system.

Charges for False Alarms

The revised charge structure will be heard by the city council sometime this month for approval. It seems that the Alarm Bylaw is aiming to implement these revised charges by mid-2017, though we do not have any details on what those charges may look like.

Currently, the false alarm charge is $75 payable to the Calgary Police. Every time the police responds to a call that just happened to be the cat jumping on the couch or another occurrence, these costs would then be chargeable. Due to the sheer amount of these calls many jurisdictions across Canada are now revising the penalty structures for false alarms. Some jurisdictions have also attempted to add video verification, though this is an extremely costly endeavor for the end-user, and has been put on hold by the City of Toronto.

Video Verification

Now that we mentioned video verification, we should also explain it. Video verification is an advanced feature of alarm systems to provide an image of why a sensor tripped, or the integration of cameras to show that an intruder is on the premises. Video verification massively decreases false alarms as there is always visual proof of an intruder, and no need to respond should there be a dog or cat in the picture. Manufacturers are slowly releasing motion detectors with built-in cameras to allow for video verification. One of the many reasons why the Honeywell Lyric offers a front-facing camera is also to allow for video verification. The more cameras mounted within the premises the better.

The obvious hindrance of video verification is the requirement to add new sensors or cameras to the building, which can be costly. However, cameras can also be used in other circumstances, allowing for added security and convenience. Seeing whether the garage door was left open, or knowing what the dog is up to can be a great feature when you’re out and about. Toronto was the first city to try and implement the video verification requirement, and it has been put on hold. For now, we do not have to worry about that.

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