The Importance Of A Wide Product Selection

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Designing an automation project or a security solution involving access control, video surveillance and alarm systems is never easy. The major difference that is often overlooked, but crucial, is that every business or home is different. That, for example, is the reason why we aren’t taking a package approach to our solutions, but instead quote an individually tailored solution every time. Other complications when designing a full product lineup for a solution are the unique requirements of the location, certain laws and of course the end-user requirements. The reality is that needs are different for every setup, resulting in the need for individualized product selection and the need to explore a variety of products to find the perfect solution.

Our Partnerships

Authorized Security is in the unique position to have partnerships with 30+ companies that allow us to engage with the product engineers directly. It also enables us to source products that our competitors may not be able to obtain, while we are also able to request project pricing for every one of our setups to ensure the best possible price. Our partnerships also allow us to get insider news about new product launches and industry shifts. With this additional information, we can ensure to advise our clients accordingly to wait for a particular product launch or purchase a product at the right time to ensure the perfect price.

At Authorized Security, we strive to obtain more and more industry partnerships to allow for a wide selection of products that we have personally tested or are using at the office or in our homes. One of the major differences that we aim for is our personal approach to technology. We are not in the business of selling equipment with the highest margins; we only sell products that we trust in and have personally tested. Our partnerships allow us to receive heavily discounted demo models to show our customers the products they will be receiving, instead of a spec sheet and a price. We provide a hands-on experience to ensure the perfect harmony between user and technology.

A Wide Selection

Speakers are the prime example of a need for a full selection. We have access to a variety of product lines, such as Klipsch, Polk Audio, Dali, Definitive Technology, Sonance, Speakercraft, just to name a few. Our selection allows us to pair the application, brand preference, requirements and expectations with the perfect product. There may be an application that requires that latest Dolby Atmos Home Theatre, while another may need a commercial audio setup with the same speakers across the business location. Both applications can be great when they are paired with the right product, that may, however, require the step into two different manufacturer product lines. Not only may the speakers need different feature sets, but the perfect pair may arise from matching the perfect amp for the application.

As another example, surveillance cameras. With many manufacturers, an embedded NVR will only allow for the proprietary cameras to be hooked up. One of the primary reasons we offer Milestone, whether it is a Husky NVR or the software installed on a Lenovo server, are the broad integration capabilities. In many surveillance applications, we recommend Honeywell cameras. Honeywell currently does not offer fisheye cameras, which requires the jump into a manufacturer such as Axis. With a Honeywell NVR, the options are very limited, but with Milestone the integration is very possible. The design of any surveillance, access or alarm system requires an extensive selection of products and manufacturers to reap the full benefits.

Product Pricing

As with anything, more features usually means more money. In the case of a video surveillance application, the Milestone servers we offer are typically a bit more expensive, but the versatility makes the server worth it. By integrating fisheye cameras and other specialty cameras, there will be a reduction in the total camera count, resulting in pricing that is usually on par if not a little less expensive than the embedded solution.The same goes for access control solutions when evaluating solutions, such as the NetAXS1-2-3, Kantech Entrapass or Suprema’s Biostar Software.

Home Theatres and commercial or residential multi-room audio systems are a bit of a different beast. The same goes for video solutions, and everything required in the backend. In those cases, the difference in pricing results in additional feature gains, such as a home theater speaker system for $1500 versus a $10,000 speaker setup. We usually approach these setups by asking a variety of questions to find out what the desired setup will look like. For our information we often also request a budget to work with, so we don’t aim for the stars when that is simply not possible.

Product Reach

One of the advantages we have over our competition is our product range. We don’t only focus on security cameras, alarm systems, and access control solutions. Instead, we concentrate on a much broader selection of products and manufacturers. In the case of a video surveillance installation, this allows us to source the perfect server for the application, instead of relying on someone else’s· knowledge to fulfill the requirements. We are also not restricted to a single manufacturer. Instead, we can source products from the likes of HP, Lenovo, Dell and more. In finding products that will harmonize with each other, while providing industry leading warranties and reliability, we can ensure your products will last a long time and fulfill all requirements that were initially discussed and beyond.


We are constantly on the look-out for new and improved products and manufacturers that are creating a superior product. We extensively test and evaluate all products that we install, so we can personally vouch for them all. Our partnerships allow us to get the right product at the right price every time. If there is a requirement for a product or a certain brand preference for an item that we are currently not carrying, we are always able to source the product and install it accordingly. We invite you to call us at 1(844) 230-2730 to find out more about our manufacturer partnerships and the advantages we can pass on to our clients. As always you can also email us at [email protected] to have any questions answered or to get a customized quote for your application.

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