Are Dummy Cameras a good idea?

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Why would you invest hundreds of dollars on a working camera, if you can get something that looks like a camera, or a broken camera to have the same deterrent effect? We get the question of whether we can supply dummy cameras, quite frequently. The short answer is, no we do not, and for good reason. The thought process behind having a fake camera, or not replacing a broken camera is very easy. Why spend money on a camera, when the deterrent effect is effectively the same, you are just not collecting the footage? Below we have compiled a few points about the possible legal issues and other factors that should be taken into account before deciding to not replace a broken camera, or installing a dummy/fake camera.

Liability of Fake Cameras

False sense of security is the term that this liability issue has been coined with. Imagine you are dining in a restaurant with video surveillance cameras across the property. The cameras look fine, and automatically you assume that the cameras are working properly and protecting this establishment. On your way out to your car, you know the parking lot has cameras, someone then threatens you with a knife and your hand them your wallet, keys and more. The criminal then runs off into the darkness and you head back into the restaurant to call the police and to gather footage of what just happened for the police so you can get your wallet back.

When asking for the footage the manager of the establishment then advises you that those cameras are fake cameras and no footage is being recorded. This statement alone should show you the huge liability issue connected to fake cameras. The restaurant is now potentially liable due to promoting security when there really is no one watching. Since the incident happened on their property and the camera was also pointed into the right direction, there may be fines and a possiblity for a law suit, which will cost more than the camera system initially would have cost.

Is it really a Deterrent?

Identifying the manufacturer of a certain camera is easy if you work in the field. They may all look the same to you, but the truth is that every camera has its own little identifier that can show whether it is a proper camera or not. Criminals unfortunately also know what these cameras look like. While you may think your camera is a deterrent, ultimately it won’t do anything for you because everyone knows it’s fake. The issue with fake cameras is that they look the part. Usually built from all plastic, a red flashing light, that no surveillance camera ever had, and sometimes even a company name on it that does not even build cameras.

When investing in cameras you are investing in more than just a camera. You are investing in an actual deterrent, as many criminals will know what actual surveillance cameras will look like. Additionally, you will also collect video of incidents, which goes beyond identifying the person, but it might also help to straighten out a story or see what has actually been taken for insurane purposes. Video surveillance is much more than a deterrent, and ultimately it can save you thousands.

Is not collecting video of an incident worth it?

As mentioned above, video surveillance is more than just a deterrent. Sure, you don’t want anyone breaking into your property or vandalizing your yard and so on. But what if someone does break in or vanadlize your property? What if the fake camera is not deterrent enough? Not collecting video footage of an incident can be costly, as the video can do much more than possibly identify the suspect. The video data can show you where they went and what possible security leaks there may be. Was it an inside job, did someone leave the door open or did they literally break in? What was taken?

These are all questions that will surface for every single break in or robbery. With a fake camera, these answers may never come to light. WIth a properly design video surveillance setup, however, these questions can be answered at the click of a button. Having video footage of a break in will allow for further protection of the property, as the break in can be fully witnessed. It will also provide video evidence of everything that had been taken, allowing for a more detailed insurance claim, and actual evidence that all claimed items were in your possession.  Video surveillance really can save an organization thousands of dollars in the case of an incident, and with our financing plans, there really is no excuse to have fake cameras installed anymore.

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