Why tie up your capital? Finance your new security solution

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Security and I.T. solutions can be a large capital expenditure. After all, it is an improvement to your facility and/or your workflow. The solutions can bring in significant cost-savings and generate revenue, but the initial expenditure will always be there. We offer a variety of financing solutions, to make the initial expense less of a burden. When you finance your solution, you will still get the same service and support from us, while  the cost will be much more manageable through easy monthly payments.

Financing Options

Initially, we will provide a quote for the cost of the project. This quote will represent the entire cost, usually including the labour and all hardware required for the project. Once we have gone over the quote, we can then start the financing process. A usual requirement is the total cost, to ensure you are eligible for financing. The financing application is a very easy process, with a few basic pieces of information required from your corporation or yourself. Once that is all receieved, we can submit the application and will then advise you of all your options.

When we process an application, there will be a few responses from a few lenders, providing you with a few different options. The repayment terms, or interest rates may differ, which is why it is important to have options. Just as with our quote, we will provide a few options and will guide you the best possible way.


When you’re financing a system, warranties are arguably even more important. We are very open about the warranties that our manufacturers provide, and we will provide this information with the initial proposal. The warranties will protect you from equipment failure during the period that you are still financing the equipment. Additionally, the warranties will give you more peace of mind, while you are still in the financing term.

Most of our manufacturers offer longer than usual warranty periods. Honeywell for example offers a five year warranty term on most of the equipment that we sell. A few manufacturers also offer additional warranties that are well worth the investment. Lenovo as an example offers a wide range of warranties for most of their products, with accidential damage protection and even warranties on the batteries. It is important to ensure that your products are covered when considering a lease, after all, you do not want to be stuck with a lease for something that no longer functions.


We highly recommend having a maintenance plan set up for any equipment that is being financed. We recommend maintenance plans for all solutions, but ensuring that everything is working smoothly during a financing term is extremely important. Our maintenance plans range from regular cleaning schedules for the equipment to expedited response times and a set Service Level Agreement (SLA). Having the added peace of mind that someone is looking after your equipment that you are paying for every single month, will allow you to focus on the every-day business.

What Can I Finance?

Financing can apply to any of the quoted products and even the labour on our quotes. As such, we can usually convert the entire project cost to financing. This will ultimately make it much easier for your next project to launch. There are no limits to the amount that can be financed, however, the credit history of your business will play a role in the financing approval.


New technology solutions can be costly. Financing can help spread the costs over a few years, while giving you the option to get the solution right away. Our team is ready to help you with your project and the financing for it. Call us at 1(844) 230-2730 or email us at [email protected].

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