Firmware Updates, what’s the point?

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There seem to be endless updates for most technology, and it can get quite annoying. Whether it is the latest version of the Netflix App on your smartphone, or patch Tuesday for your Windows computer, it’s seemingly never ending. So you might wonder what is the point? We use software in our daily lives, and most of the time it is a seamless interaction. Scanning through surveillance video on an app, or paying for parking at a pay machine. All of these are examples of interactions with software. So, what is the point of constantly updating these systems? In this post we go into more detail why up to date software is necessary and beneficial.

Application and Computer Security

With malware and spyware becoming more aggressive, security is more important than ever. Many firmware updates are released to upgrade the safety of the device. In those cases, the update is called a patch. Ransomware, specifically the WannaCry, has been in the news recently. It is important to note that most software manufacturers acted quickly with patches. Outdated software and lack of knowledge about firmware updates ultimately led to its wide distribution.

Installing the latest firmware update when it is released should be the first line of defense. It starts from the computer that you use daily to the network video recorder that drives your video surveillance. Ultimately, most devices nowadays have software that needs regular updating. These updates bring more than just the additional features and possibly a new lock, so when prompted to update, do it.


Firmware updates often provide new features. This is most evident with newer updates to Android or iOS on iPhones. With most updates, the manufacturers seem to think of new things to make the device more user friendly and more feature-rich. Another reason to regularly update all of your equipment, who knows, maybe the feature you have been looking for was released in the latest version.


We expect our phones, computers and all other devices to run seamless and fast. Though it seems the exact opposite happens over time. With regular firmware updates, performance patches may be released. These allow for the software to run more efficiently. Without regular updates you may be missing out on these benefits, and ultimately will not be satisfied with the device anymore.

Performance does not only refer to the speed a device runs at, but also possible bugs, like a distorted screen or other issues. With firmware updates these bugs are often addressed and fixed. To keep your devices running at the best of their ability, keep your firmware up to date.


We offer maintenance plans that can be tailored to your organization. Firmware updates are part of the service we offer, and we always ensure you have the latest firmwares running on all your systems.We can analyze your requirements and customize the maintenance setup to offer the best possible solution for your business. Contact us at 1(844) 230-2730 or email us at [email protected]

I thank you for reading this post, and your continued interest with Authorized Security. We pride ourselves as a company that provides all possible information and demonstrates all solutions before they are actually integrated. Our service and support, as well as our maintenance programs are what makes us stand out. We invite you to find out more about the solutions we offer and the service we provide. If you have any questions that you would like to see published in this blog, please email us at [email protected], we would be more than happy to answer your question and post the answer for others to learn about the same.

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