Secure door controls make all the difference

The type of doors that allow access into and through your business matters. Depending on the door frame you may be able to use an electric door strike, which keeps the door closed by securing the bolt in the door. Other options are magnet locks and some specialized locks depending on the application. It is important to match the right lock with the right application. Otherwise, an intruder may be able to force the door open, the lock may break prematurely or damage the door. For proper security, the lock must be matched to the door and its application.

So what are your options?


Electric Door Strikes

Electric door strikes are the preferred method of keeping doors locked and secure. Built into the frame, once the signal to unlock is received with a swipe of an access card, the strike is electrified to release the door latch. Door strikes come in a variety of different force ratings, which will require more force for the door to be opened. Since they are built right into the frame, the strikes are more aesthetic for offices.


Magnet Locks

Magnet locks are used for solid doors. Mounted on the door and, they stick out, and usually blend into the frame. The force ratings on magnet locks are available in a few different sizes. Typically used for outside doors, magnet locks are also great for double doors. The locks for double doors operate in the same manner. The doors can still be controlled independent of each other, but the lock is more affordable than two individual ones.


Other Doors/Mechanisms

Authorized offers standard locking mechanisms with access control, as well as expanded accessibility systems, such as automatic doors, turnstiles, automatic passageways, bollards and more. We help to make your spaces more accessible everyone, including disabled users. These give you greater control over who accesses your building and how. We also have automatic door closers and holders that will ensure the desired status of your door is always maintained.

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