Adding spaces and doors. Upgrading current systems.
Whatever your plan, we can help.

Access control is essential to managing traffic as well as risk. Unfortunately, doors and systems do not defy time and need regular repairs, upgrades and replacements.

The good news is that there are viable and affordable options for your current and future access plans. This can include adding, deleting or retrofitting access points based on your needs and plans for growth.

So what are your options?


Adding to Current Access Areas

If your building requirements have changed or you are planning to add components (server rooms, vault, storage, elevator, offices) or expanding your business to include a second adjoining property, we can help with upgrading your current access controls and pathways. We can also analyze your exits and entries to ensure regulatory, operational and safety compliance.


Upgrading Access Control System

You may be happy with your current but looking ahead, you need a plan to proof your space due to scheduled expansion or outdated systems. We have the solutions available to make sure you are not left in the dark. By simply swapping the main controller with a more advanced version with real-time tracking, we can leave all the existing hardware in the building and still offer significant savings.


Privileged Granular Access

If there are certain members of your team that require access to particular areas of your business, but not others, the Authorized team has targeted solutions. We can help you identify and mark entry and endpoints where employees and even security guards can go and when. We can also limit and time access with secure applications and real-time monitoring so you know who is where and when.

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