Need to secure your building? Look no further.

Biometrics are no longer a science fiction fantasy. Businesses and governments all over the world are adopting eye, facial, hand, fingerprint identification to protect high-security environments. It is possible to mix and match these devices as you feel the need and have multiple authentication factors at an entry or exit, so management can choose which ways to authenticate.

No more lost devices and forgotten smartphone identification keys or codes. Biometrics closes the gap between authentication and error, requiring original, first-generation identification that can only come from humans.

So what are your options?


Fingerprint/Hand Sensors

Each human on earth has a unique set of fingerprints, hand and palm lines. No two are alike. This offers a safer and more customized solution, ensuring a more pure and unadulterated authentication. This type of sensor security is the most affordable of all biometric systems. You can even combine two-factor authentication, such as a key card or remote password and a finger/hand print for each user. High security environments become more reliable and risk averse.


Iris Scanners

Just like fingerprints, the shape,  Taking advantage of the fact that every living persons eye differs from everyone else gives accurate results every time. Biometric authentication guarantees only authorized users can enter the premises. This is ideal for high-security environments, such as airports, data centres, meeting rooms, laboratories, secure storage, server rooms and more.  You can choose to double authentication with finger/hand or facial recognition or remote codes.


Facial recognition sensors

Integrating facial recognition software into your security and access systems can add a quick, secure, convenient way to ensure authenticity in a ‘no-touch’ method. Our systems and equipment are scalable and customizable as your company’s security and technology requirements grow. Our scanners are so accurate that they can even keep twins apart. Units are also available for tracking time and attendance to ensure billing, payroll and security.

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