ID badges allow for easy identification and easier management of employees and visitors.

Identification at the blink of an eye with advanced keycards and ID Badges

Sometimes a blank white card or keyfob just does not cut it. In higher security environments, or corporate environments knowing who a keycard belongs to can be absolutely crucial for security and identification. From returning lost cards, to having another factor of authentication for each access door, ID badges can provide exactly that. There are a variety of solutions available that allow you to print any information you require on the card, while also being able to use the card within your access control system. No need to worry about compatibility with your access control system, as these cards are ready to perform for most systems.


Picture ID Badges

Picture ID Badges are access cards that present the users information on the front of the card. The ID badges are printed with specialized printers and contain all the circuitry required for a high security access control environment. By adding the users information on the card, it allows for another factor of authentication, as well as immediate identification of anyone wearing the badges. Intruders can be identified by not having a badge present, or the picture on the card does not fit with the person wearing it.



Oftentimes keycards can be hard to find for certain access control systems. Most access control systems run on different frequencies and different circuitry. The ID cards that we offer guarantee a wide variety of integration possibilities, and can support multiple technologies within the same card. Whether you have different card readers, or a specialized system, we can make sure to find the right keycard for your access control system. Enjoying high security access solutions should not be hindered by the keycards or reader used.


ID Card Printing

Printing ID cards can be done via on-premise printers. These printers can be housed within the HR department, or a specialized pass office. Cards can be printed on the fly, so new hires won’t have to wait for a few weeks to get their hands on their access card. With the capability to immediately print a card and ensure proper access levels for that card, ID badges present an easy and affordable way to ensure the security within your building(s). Easy Identification and quick on-boarding, that is what ID badges bring to your access system.

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