Secure your property with automatic gates

The dual advantage of gated access blended with other systems is that you are capturing an accurate record of who is entering and exiting your property. Key cards and codes, biometric access systems, voice recognition and high definition cameras are some of the solutions offered by Authorized Security. You can start fresh with a new system or gradually upgrade your existing equipment to a surveillance system that fits needs and growth at a controlled cost.

So what are your options?

Biometric access control eliminates the possible risk for intruders due to lost keys or access cards.

Rolling Gates

Rolling gates are great for low to medium traffic properties that require additional security, logging of vehicles/people accessing the property and that might have large vehicles accessing the property. Rolling gates are usually made to blend into the fence. The advantage is that in order to bypass the gate, the intruder still has to jump the fence, which makes a rolling gate a lucrative option for your property security. The disadvantage that these gates have is their speed. Rolling gates are usually driven by a powerful motor, but as they are rolling along the ground, they cannot provide the speed other gates may be able to.

See who enters and exits your premises, beyond just names. With our access control video solutions you are able to visually verify every persons identity.

Boom Barriers

Boom barriers are great for quick and easy access for vehicles. They can offer high impact resistances, which means a truck can crash into them and they still hold, ensuring no authorized vehicles access your property, regardless of the force that is used. The major disadvantage for these barriers, is the missing protection from intruders. The advantage to these gates however is their speed, allowing them to be used in even high traffic areas, where they are constantly in use. With high reliability, high speed opening and closing as well as high impact resistance these barriers are great for parking applications.

High Security areas need the proper equipment and expertise. We can help with your project.


Bollards and high speed folding gates are another type of gate/barrier that can be very useful for many applications. Bollards are posts that are extended and retracted from the ground. They allow to segregate an area from vehicles and can be retracted to open the area up. This can be useful for large areas that need to be controlled and entryways that are too small to accommodate larger barriers or gates. Folding gates are another smaller form factor type of gate. The gate can be fairly large, to accommodate large trucks, but will fold when opening so the area needed to accommodate the gate can be smaller.

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