Some properties need the highest security solutions possible, we can help with our access control systems and biometrics

Sometimes secure just isn’t enough

In some buildings security is even more important than in others. If sensitive data is being developed, high value items are stored or if harmful materials are handled, you don’t want anyone without credentials accessing the building. We have just the solution for that. Biometric readers are the first step to eliminating unauthorized access, but then you still suffer from the possibility of tailgating and other intrusions. Pairing your access control with video surveillance and monitoring everything actively, as well as providing ID badges to all employees, will help eliminate exactly these issues.

So what are your options?

Biometric access control eliminates the possible risk for intruders due to lost keys or access cards.


Tailgating is a very serious problem in secured areas. It can be as obvious as someone holding the door for someone else. Unfortunately courtesy is the evil when it comes to security. This however can be avoided by installing certain restricting devices, such as a man-trap. A man trap will create a buffer zone. An authorized user will have to swipe their credentials to access a small room or turnstile. These rooms or turnstiles can be fitted with occupancy sensors to see how many people are actually within the trap. Some traps will then ask for another verification of the user, so that the person that swiped their card is the same person that is actually in the room. Eliminating tailgating is the first step to a secure facility.

See who enters and exits your premises, beyond just names. With our access control video solutions you are able to visually verify every persons identity.

Video & Access in one

It’s great to know that someone entered your building, by seeing their name pop up. But in the case of keycards, they can be lost, so someone might be able to gain access to your facilities, by swiping someone elses credentials. Since this is a major security breach, this has to be avoided at all cost. We offer solutions that tie video surveillance into access control. This can be programmed to attach pictures to every access request, so within seconds the person that swiped the card and the picture that is on file can be compared and verified. Furthermore, it will create an event log that will allow to keep an overview, and in the event of a breach it will allow you to see where it originated. Video surveillance is even more effective when bundled with access control.

High Security areas need the proper equipment and expertise. We can help with your project.

ID Badges

Keycards are nice, and provide the necessary credentials for entering a secure area. But unfortunately a plain card or chip does not provide any verification of whether the actual owner is holding the card, That is where ID badges come in. ID badges will not only store the users credentials within, but will also show the users information on them. By looking at the ID badge you will be able to verify who the owner of the badge is and whether the person that provided you with the badge is the actual owner. For secured areas ID badges are a must have, as they provide quick identification and deter intruders from stealing another keycard. Within your policies it should be noted that ID cards have to always be visible, ensuring that quick identification is possible.

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