24-7 Locksmith Services in Calgary & Area

Whether you are looking to re-key your building, install new locks or are locked out , the Authorized team can help with 24-Hour locksmith services. Plus, our innovative smart locks, which are built tough and provide restrictive security keeps your space more secure. Furthermore, we offer flat-rate locksmith services in Calgary and area so you know what you pay before we arrive. Call us today for help or more information. 1 (844) 230-2730

So what are your options?


Locked out? No problem!

If you are locked out, help is only one call away. Our experienced locksmith is available 24-7 for emergency opening services. If you find yourself locked out of your car, home or commercial building, you can simply call or text our number and we will dispatch our specialist as quickly as possible. You will also receive an invoice for our services for convenient tax purposes.


Employee issues with keys?

Handing an employee keys to your business is always a risk. What happens if they duplicate the key? You may receive the key back when employment is finished, but how can you any copies? Instead, you can manage this risk by installing restrictive security locks. These industrial-strength locks only allow for your locks to be duplicated by an authorized locksmith. Coupled with an Authorized alarm systems, your building will have greater protection.



Smart locks provide an easier and more convenient way to access a property or business with a simple code, key, or key card. You can change the code when required and keep the keys with you, so only those appointed with a key or code can get in. Smart locks are ideal for a home or business on a budget. You’ll also be reducing risk and increase your ability to track incidents and losses.

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