Fire safety begins with an effective monitoring system.

Whether you are in your home, office, building or field site, monitoring for fire, explosion and leak can mean the difference between life and death. Authorized Security provides a complete range of ULC listed fire monitoring solutions. Our 24 hour monitoring center ensure your building is watched over at all times and provides rapid responses, should an alarm be triggered.

Exisiting Fire Alarm Panel Monitoring

Monitoring for existing fire systems

If your building already has an existing fire or sprinkler system installed, we can help you monitor it. Our panels are able to plug right into your existing fire panels and will monitor for all kinds of trouble conditions. From actual fires, system faults and more. All this at a flat-rate cost for your building. The monitoring is performed by the same monitoring center that handles all burglary alarm calls, so you get the same 24-hour monitoring that you experience with our burglary alarm systems. The fire monitoring panels we provide are fully ULC listed for added protection for your building. These panels are capable of handling fire and sprinkler system monitoring to ensure the effectiveness of the systems. When bundling both, fire and burglary monitoring solutions, we pass on exclusive savings that will give you the peace of mind you deserve while saving your wallet.

New Installation Fire Alarm Panel Monitoring

New Building solutions

If you are planning on building a new commercial building, we can help you ensure your buildings monitoring solutions are up to par for ULC specifications, and can provide the service as well. We can work with your fire system integrator to integrate the fire monitoring solution into the building. Our team will handle all the wiring and setup required for the monitoring side of things, while also ensuring the ULC compliance of the project. We will monitor the systems as soon as the project is ready for the fire alarm system to go live, and will provide 24 hour fire monitoring through a network of ULC listed monitoring centers. When integrating both, fire and burglary solutions into your building, we will be able to provide exclusive savings, while not compromising on the service. The security and safety of your new building is of utter importance.

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