Communications are the most important part of an alarm system

Alarm systems are great to deter thieves, control your business remotely and to keep and eye on who is accessing your business. But even the best alarm system is rendered completely useless if you don’t have the proper communication paths enabled on the device. We offer advanced GSM communicators that send all the alarm signals wirelessly to the monitoring station. Should power be cut, or your phone lines be cut, you still have a backup communication path that can be used to make sure your alarm signals make it to their destination. Thieves are becoming smarter, so let us help you get a step ahead again.

So what are your options?

Biometric access control eliminates the possible risk for intruders due to lost keys or access cards.

Phone Line Communications

Phone lines are the standard communication method for alarm systems, The system calls the central monitoring station, which has a specialized receiver that can interpret the signals. Phone lines have the disadvantage that they can be cut. This means that thieves can walk up to your house, cut the phone line and break in without anyone ever knowing. The only defense you then have is your siren. Luckily there are backup options, such as IP and GSM Communications. These backup solutions can help protect your building even if the phone line is cut. We recommend to always have a backup communication method in place.

See who enters and exits your premises, beyond just names. With our access control video solutions you are able to visually verify every persons identity.

IP Communications

IP Communications is a more detailed term of internet communications. The signals sent are sent via your local internet connection, either wired or wireless. Just like you would connect with your laptop to the internet, the same happens with your alarm system. The advantage to communication via the internet is that the signals are sent through servers that have further protective measures in place, such as APL. The other advantage is that if your internet is connected to your building via cable, it is a second line that has to be cut for it to fail. Internet communications also allow use of our Remote App.

High Security areas need the proper equipment and expertise. We can help with your project.

Wireless GSM Communications

Wireless GSM communications utilize the same technologies that your smart phone does to access the internet. Signals are sent wirelessly through the cell phone network. The obvious major advantage is that the cell phone signal cannot be “cut”. Furthermore this can be used as a backup to a panel connected via Wi-Fi. Should the internet fail, the system can still communicate using the GSM. There are many advantages to using wireless communications for alarm systems and fire panels. Let us show you how we can upgrade your existing and new panels to wireless communications.

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