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Sensory Equipment to protect your business

There are a myriad sensors available to protect your business from intruders, fires, floods, temperature extremes and so much more. Having the right sensor for the application is absolutely crucial. Here we examine the different types of sensors available. Some sensors can be recessed, so they are virtually invisible, while other sensors are surface mount sensors. Depending on the application there are different advantages to these sensors.

Door/Window Sensors

Protecting every access point into your business and home is very important. Door and Window sensors can do exactly that. With the help of a magnet and a magnetic contact  these sensors are able to sense a door or window opening and closing. These sensors are available as a recessed or surface mount contact. There are wired or wireless variations available, which allow for a wide range of installation possibilities.

Motion Detectors

Motion detectors are devices that sense motion with the environment they are mounted in. These sensors work by employing infrared and microwave technologies that can sense a heat signature and analyze whether that heat signature is moving. There are pet immune sensors that allow for a certain size pet to pass through the zone while the system is armed. Motion detectors are available as a wireless or wired sensor making them very versatile in terms of installation.

Glass Break Sensors

Glass break sensors are devices that monitor for a certain pitch of sound and pressure changes. This allows for immediate recognition of someone breaking a window and eliminates the possibility of false alarms. If a cup is broken some glass break sensors may trigger, but the ones we provide utilize both pressure and sound changes to identify an alarm event. Glass break sensors can be wired and wireless, making them very easy to install.

Asset Protection

Asset sensors are known from museum heist movies. These are the sensors that are affixed to all the artwork that makes it so incredibly hard to steal. Asset Protection Sensors simply attach to the back of a flat-screen TV, painting, safe or any other high value item that you want to protect. They utilize a built in accelerometer, much like a smartphone to identify movement. This allows the sensor to alarm in no time, if someone is trying to move your high-value items. This can even be accomplished while the system is armed protecting your high value items 24-7. These sensors are only available as wireless sensors, due to the obvious wiring restrictions.

Safety Sensors

Smoke Detectors

There are two types of smoke detectors out on the market. One type is called a ionization detector and the other is a photoelectric sensor. Since ionization sensors use radioactive materials and have to be disposed of properly, they are no longer the favoured type of sensor. A photoelectric sensor uses a LED light that is sent down a T-shape. At the end of the T there is a photoelectric sensor. If smoke enters the chamber, the light is refracted onto the photoelectric sensor, which then triggers the alarm. The ionization sensors work by having decaying Americum-123 in the chamber. This, through atomic processes, provides a constant current between two plates that are fed by the sensors battery. If smoke enters, this current is disrupted and causes the unit to alarm. The radioactive materials are so minimal that they are not harmful to your health. They will not even protrude the plastic covering of the sensor. Smoke detectors are available as a wired or wireless unit, and can be retrofitted as needed.

CO Detectors

Carbon Monoxide is often called the silent killer. An odourless, colourless and tasteless gas, that can cause death in severe cases of exposure. Luckily there are detectors that can provide early warning, before the gas is at lethal levels. These detectors use electrodes immersed in a chemical solution that will sense changes in the electric currents when they come in contact with Carbon Monoxide. These sensors are available as a wired or wireless sensor and can be retrofitted onto your security system.

Flood Probes

Flood probes are a very simple, yet effective sensor. Flood probes are sensors that are able to detect water through short-circuiting in the water. Much like a blow-dryer in the bath-tub, just with much less current. This will detect a certain level of water and will alarm accordingly. Depending on the sensor, the amounts of water that need to cover the sensor may differ. There are wireless and wired water sensors available for retrofitting your system.

Temperature Probes

Extreme heat and extreme cold can both be very destructive to your building. From pipes freezing, to causing fires, monitoring temperature is very important for safety and protection purposes. These sensors have switches in them that will close contacts accordingly if certain temperature extremes are detected. There are sensors that have a certain preset, while others are completely adjustable. The preset sensors are usually enough for most applications. These sensors are available as wireless or wired sensors.

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