While alarms mind your space, who ensures your system is working optimally?

From the point of installation, to programming, response, tracking and maintenance, Authorized Security makes sure you’re covered in every respect. Our 24-hour monitoring services are available for most systems, even the ones we don’t install. We not only advise you of an incident, we keep you up to date regarding your system’s performance to ensure everything is up to date. If there is an incident, we work quickly and diligently to ensure fast response by emergency services and give you advice on how to protect yourself in the moment. There are new rules for Calgary, that will be taking effect mid 2016. Learn more about those new alarm dispatch rules here.

How we can help.

Biometric access control eliminates the possible risk for intruders due to lost keys or access cards.

Easy Monitoring Fees

Alarm monitoring fees can be very confusing. Seemingly everyone pays a different rate for their monitoring. We have made the pricing for monitoring much easier. From $25/month we not only offer one of the industries lowest rates, but also a simple flat-rate price for any IP or wireless connected alarm system. After your contract expires, you will be able to renew at the same rate, we will not increase your rates.

See who enters and exits your premises, beyond just names. With our access control video solutions you are able to visually verify every persons identity.

24 Hour Monitoring

Our monitoring center is monitoring every alarm system 24 hours a day, ready to respond to any trouble condition that may arise. Your security is very important to us. Regardless whether it is a false alarm or you need help right away, we are on the phone getting a hold of you within a matter of seconds. Our systems are also programmed to check in with the monitoring station more often than our competitors, ensuring you are protected whenever you need it.

High Security areas need the proper equipment and expertise. We can help with your project.

24 Hour Service

Having an issue with your alarm system when you need it most, is never good. Having to wait until the next business day until a technician finally shows up is even worse. We are ready to help 24 hours a day, and you won’t incur major charges just because your system broke in the middle of the night or on the weekend. Let us help you, regardless of the time of day. You will have a trained technician at your door in no time.

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