Authorized Security provides audio visual solutions such as digital signage, commercial audio, video solutions and more.

Audio and Video solutions to help your business and entertain your customers

Audio and Video solutions can be a great help for most businesses. Audio solutions can help with paging systems for shops, sales environments and large buildings. Furthermore it can be used to play audio to provide entertainment in a retail setting or to give the employees something to listen to while they work. Video is great to promote products and keep customers entertained, while they are waiting. Whether you want to have a promotional video wall, a screen to share with the client to show them the product you have created for them, or just want to play something to keep them entertained, we can help.

So what are your options?


Commercial Audio

Audio can help you in many situations within your building. Meetings are much easier with a built in audio system, which are extremely simple to use. Your customers will be much more entertained with their shopping experience if you have audio playing within the store. Your employees will also be motivated with music, so an audio system can help in many situations. Most of our audio solutions can also tie into IP phone systems to make the paging so much easier. Call transfers and more made extremely simple. With a variety of solutions available you are able to play your local radio station across your store or use internet or satellite radio, as well as line in devices to provide the music you want.


Digital Signage

Digital signage is great and on the rise. By having a dynamic display you are able to have videos as your advertisements and capture the attention of the audience much easier. Changes are also much easier. If you run a restaurant, menu changes such as pricing and adding or deleting seasonal items can be done in seconds and from almost anywhere. If you are advertising the businesses in the neighborhood within your location and you want to change or delete their advertisements from the display it can be done in seconds from any device, anywhere you go.


Video Solutions

Video solutions can greatly help you retain customers, increase the understanding clients have of your products and help train your workforce or inform them of new changes. Video is great for all of the above because it captures the attention of audiences so much easier. We have solutions available that will help you create a technologically advanced boardroom, add a screen to your office to share with your client or a screen in your lobby or waiting area to advertise and entertain. We have the right technology available to help you create the best possible experience for customers and employees alike.

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