IP telephony saves costs on your monthly bill and gives you enterprise level features for an entry level price.

IP Phones can make your desk cleaner and your day much more productive

IP Phones are the up and coming telephone technology. Instead of running via traditional telephone lines, these phones use the internet for communication. The advantages that come out of this, are virtually endless. The phones can be managed very easily, so adding and deleting extensions has never been easier. Beyond that, the call quality on these phones is superb and allows you to pay a flat rate fee for even Worldwide calling. Instead of having to watch every minute of a phone call, enjoy a set monthly fee that does not increase with every minute you are on the phone.


Instant Commissioning

Should an employee quit at your location, or be transferred to another branch, your phone system can immediately adapt to that change. Instead of having to wait for a technician to come by, this can be done from any computer, anywhere you go. Cloud hosted or even on premise IP phone systems offer many advancements over the traditional phone lines. If you want to change your voicemail, this can be done right from your phone within seconds. Need multiple lines per phone? No problem, our phones can handle as many lines as you may need. IP phones are very quickly to adjust to your needs, so regardless of your future plans, IP phones can grow with your business.


Automated Answering

Calling into a business and reaching the front desk is always great. However from there you may be directed to the wrong person and it just goes downhill from there. Why not automate the process and have your receptionist take care of business. Our automated attendant solutions allow you to provide the caller with all vital information automatically, and have them directed to the right person, right away. This takes away the stress of having to call in from your customer, and relieves some of the work from your employees, as not everyone has to answer the phone to find out who wants to talk to whom.


Worldwide Calling

We have all been there. One of your clients has a out of province number and you are immediately charged long distance fees. This makes every phone bill a gamble and can become very costly if you are running a business that provides services to the US or any other country. With our IP phone plans, you pay a set rate for your phones every month. No gamble on your bill. Instead you will simply pay a flat rate fee and have unlimited calling to any country you may need. This makes the phones much easier to budget for and makes it much easier to talk to clients, as you are not paying for every second that you are talking to them.

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