Video conferencing is easy to use and allows for significantly easier collaboration between your offices

Who said you couldn’t be at multiple places at a time?

Video Conferencing is a great solution for businesses with multiple offices. With high definition cameras and easy to use devices, video conferencing has never been better. All your conference rooms across the country or even the globe can be linked together, so all your employees can communicate with each other face to face. There are a variety of solutions available depending on your budget and requirements. We have a wide range of video conferencing products available to make sure we can meet them both.


On Premise Video

On premise video conferencing is an enterprise level solution. It leaves all the hardware and software that is required for video conferencing within your building and will send all the data via the internet. While these solutions oftentimes involve a one-time fee and then only need to be maintained, these solutions are great for large enterprises that rely on video conferencing every single day. With the capabilities to have multiple rooms video-enabled, mobile device video conferencing and more, these solutions are extremely powerful and robust.


Hosted Video Conferencing

Hosted video conferencing removes all the hardware from the equation other than an easy to use camera that plugs directly into the display. Everything is streamed to hosted servers and sent to the other side via those remote servers. Hosted solutions are great for smaller businesses, as the servers and all the other hardware are removed. This minimizes the impact the solutions have on the IT environment, and there is close to no maintenance required for these solutions. With affordable yearly fees, these devices are a great solution for smaller businesses with multiple offices.


Video Conferencing Advantages

Video conferencing comes with the advantage of being able to collaborate across all your corporate offices across the world. Instead of talking on the phone, everything can be discussed visually. Video conferencing comes with a more personal touch as you are directly talking to people face to face. With video conferencing solutions your productivity can be boosted, as phone calls will be a thing of the past. There are solutions available that allow a single person to video conference or an entire boardroom to conference with another office. The possibilities are endless, so get started today.

Video Conferencing for 1/5th of the price without the hassle, meet cloud hosting.

Traditionally video conferencing solutions are expensive, a nightmare for every I.T. support department. Instead of having a solution, where I.T. has to be booked for every single meeting just to make sure your solution works, we have the answer for you. As a Highfive Partner we are able to provide you with video conferencing solutions that will work with any TV that has an HDMI input in any room with a hardwired internet connection. All you have to do at the start of your meeting is turn on your TV, and sit back and hold your meeting. No more hassles, no more outrageous pricing and the most scalable solution you can imagine.

It’s not really a collaboration tool if it’s priced per user

Video conferencing is usually priced on a per user basis, but this is no longer the case. With Highfive you will pay on a per room basis, so every employee can video conference as much or as little as they want. Not only is video conferencing possible via your meeting room TV and the dedicated Highfive hardware on your TV, but you will also be able to use apps for all your devices, so users can conference in from their laptop, tablet or smartphone. Highfive’s app is currently compatible with Windows, Android, macOS and iOS.


Since the cloud hosted video solution we have described thus far probably seems completely unattainable, but here is the surprisingly affordable pricing for this solution:

Plan Your Cost
Hardware $1540.99 – one time fee
Essential $127.99/month
Standard $192.99/month
Professional $257.99/month
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