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Getting different quotes for each and every project is an absolute requirement to get the best pricing. We regularly visit our competitors websites and call them to find out their current pricing and any promotions they may have. We have compiled a table below, that shows the differences in offerings between Authorized Security and alarm companies you may have heard of. We have also calculated the table below on a year to year basis, instead of showing you the deceiving numbers other companies may show you. See for yourself, and call around, we promise the best in service and the most affordable security solution.

Features Authorized Security ADT Vivint AlarmForce
Ownership 100% Locally Owned Multi National Multi National Multi National
Service Turnaround Same Day up to 2 weeks up to 2 weeks up to 2 weeks
Contract Length Month to Month 36 Months 60 Months  36 months
Multi-Location Discounts Yes No No No
2 Way Audio Standard Free  Paid  Standard Free  Standard Free
Cost of Monitoring Phone Line $25 $39.99 N/A  24.99
Cost of Monitoring Wireless $30 $47.99 $49.00 $34.99
Cost of Monitoring & Apps $35 $47.99 starting @$61.00 $49.99
Yearly Savings Phone Line
179.88 N/A $0
Yearly Savings Wireless
215.88 $228.00 $59.88
Yearly Savings Wireless & Apps
155.88 $312.00 $179.88
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