DSC PowerSeries Neo Family of Products

The DSC PowerSeries Neo: Specs, Pictures, Tutorials

The DSC PowerSeries Neo is DSC’s newest alarm panel on the market. It allows for wireless communications of up to 2 kilometers and offers two-way communication and encryption with its wireless transmissions. The Neo also allows for video verification integration. Neo is great for large residential properties and light commercial properties, as it features long range radio communication and ease of use. The DSC PowerSeries Neo also fully integrates with the Kantech Entrapass software allowing for alarm and access control features to be changed on the fly from the same interface. If you still have questions or want to get a quote, just get in touch.

The DSC PowerSeries Neo

The DSC PowerSeries Neo is an advanced alarm controller that allows for up to 16 keypads and for up to 128 wireless or hardwired sensors to be added to the system. It also supports up to 1000 user codes and creates an interconnected network of all smoke detectors that are connected to the system. The Neo allows for better security throughout your home and business by providing encrypted communications and an easy to use system that is still feature packed. The Neo also integrates with the Kantech Entrapass Software, allowing for the alarm panel user programming to be done remotely and in sync with all access control, making the process of editing users much easier.

DSC PowerSeries Neo Family of Products
DSC PowerSeries Neo Alpha Keypad

The PowerG Sensors and Neo Communications

The PowerG Sensors are the newest sensors compatible with the DSC Neo. These sensors allow for communications of up to 2km in range, and offer encrypted and two-way communications for added security and reliability. The sensors can have extremely long battery life on them, due to the automatic turn off features if the panel is disarmed and sensors are not required. The Neo also offers GSM and Internet communications for reliable communication to the monitoring center. The DSC PowerSeries Neo is very feature packed and the integration with the Entrapass Suite of Software makes it a must for any Kantech access control installation.

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