How long has Authorized Security been around?

Authorized Security was established in 2012. The company was founded in response to a break in at Wolfgang’s home. Ever since we have been on a mission to provide the best in customer service and consultation services. With the experience of the break-in in mind, we structured our pricing around the importance of the protection of our customers, and not our personal gain. That is why we provide such low monitoring rates and very competitive pricing for all projects.

Does an Alarm system require a phone line

The easy answer is no, most alarm systems do not require a phone line. With Honeywell’s security panels, Alarmnet allows for wireless communications via the internet or the cell phone network. For DSC alarm panels, the answer is Both of these technologies allow for an alarm system to communicate without a home phone line, everything is done wirelessly. More and more home owners are cancelling their home phone services, which makes wireless communications a must for alarm panels. We have priced our wireless monitoring rates so competitively, that 95% of our new installations are all wireless systems. Honeywell’s older alarm panels can also be retrofitted to wireless communications. If you have an older alarm panel that you want to get monitored, ask us about our takeover deals.

Can my alarm system be controlled with my iPhone or Android Smartphone?

With our easy structured monitoring fees, yes you can. Our interactive service offerings include features to arm and disarm your alarm system, but also to control locks, lights, garage doors, thermostats and to get live notifications via text or email. We don’t charge you based on the features you want, it’s a simple fee and you get it all.

What happens if a wireless sensor battery dies?

The batteries on wireless sensors last about 5 years. The alarm panel checks in with the sensors every 30 – 90 minutes, depending on the sensor. If the battery starts getting low on a sensor it will alert you about 6 months before the battery is actually dead, so there will be plenty of time to get the battery swapped. Should a sensor die, the alarm panel performs a regular check in with the sensor. If the sensor is dead or broken, it will not respond to the alarm panel , which will then result in a trouble condition on the panel. Call us if a sensor trouble should appear and we will make sure your sensors are all in working order.

If the power goes out, what happens to the alarm system?

If the power fails at your premises, the alarm system will automatically switch to a rechargeable backup battery that is contained within the alarm panel. The touchscreens will show a power trouble condition and the analog keypads will show AC Loss. Once the power is restored, the internal battery will recharge in preparation for another power failure.

All batteries will have to be replaced every 3-5 years. A battery trouble condition may appear, but we also track the age of your battery to ensure you are within limits.

What happens if my alarm is triggered

If your alarm system is triggered the call sequence is initiated. Upon the initial installation of your alarm system we will define a call list with you. This call list contains the names and numbers of everyone that will be called if your alarm system is triggered. If one of the people on the list answer, they can advise us of either a false alarm or to get the police dispatched. If no one answers we can dispatch the police, unless you specify to not dispatch the police. If the panel is disarmed with a valid user code within two minutes of the alarm being triggered, we will stop the call sequence. Please note that the City of Calgary released a new alarm bylaw that specifies for which alarms the police will respond and which ones they won’t. Click here to see what those changes are.

Does a Smoke Detector, CO Detector, Flood Detector or Low Temperature Detector only work when the alarm is armed?

There are different types of zone setups for each sensor. In the case of a door sensor, the sensor will only cause an alarm if the system is armed. In the case of smoke, CO, flood or temperature detectors these sensors should always be set up as a 24 hour active zone, which means the sensor will always be active no matter the status of the system. Depending on the sensor those zones can be set up as an audible zone, meaning the siren will alert, or as a silent zone, which results in the monitoring station receiving a message about it, and you receiving push notifications through your phone if you have our interactive services set up.

If the price for monitoring is so low, what is the service like?

Authorized Security was founded with the idea of providing a security solution that is affordable for everyone. That’s the reason why we don’t overcharge our customers unnecessarily for monitoring fees. We want to build a solid relationship with each and every one of our customers, that’s why we provide 4 hour service guarantees, regular check ins with our customers and the alarm systems to ensure its functionality. The monitoring station is fully ULC certified, meaning you get the highest standard of security and fire monitoring available in the industry. You can find out pricing for alarm monitoring here.

Can I replace my existing Fire or CO detectors with new wireless ones?

The easy answer is yes. If your smoke detectors are currently battery powered, there will be no problem to replace the detectors with new wireless battery powered sensors. If you have hardwired detectors, the current wiring will have to be terminated accordingly and the smoke detectors will then have to be mounted on top. There will be no issues replacing a hardwired detector, it will just have to be terminated accordingly.

Will I get an insurance certificate with the installation of a new alarm system?

One of the many advantages of having an alarm system is the savings on home insurance. When installing a system, we will provide you with a document that states the conditions your alarm system monitors. These can include burglary, flood, CO and more. From there your insurance can then calculate the extent of the discount. Since our monitoring centers are ULC listed, you won’t have any issues registering your alarm system on your insurance.

What’s the turnaround and how long does it take to install an alarm system?

Unlike most other companies, we treat security as a very sensitive topic. As such we usually install alarm systems as early as same day, or next day. We also install on weekends and statutory holidays, because of the sensitivity of the matter. If you decide you want an alarm system installed, you should not have to wait, that’s what were here for. In terms of the installation time of the system, if it’s a wireless system, it largely depends on how many sensors are going to be installed. Usually 3 hours is a good estimate for the average wireless alarm system. For wired in system, it can take quite a bit longer if the walls are all finished and hard to access. Depending on the size of the system it may take up to a day.

What happens to my video surveillance solution if the power goes out?

Video surveillance products largely depend on power, with servers, PoE switches and power hungry cameras. With every single quote we supply we include an optional uninterruptible power supply (UPS), which will supply backup power even if the power does go out. If a UPS is not integrated into the system you are running the risk of having your cameras go out during a power failure.

Where do Authorized Security’s monitoring centers reside?

We employ a network of monitoring stations that are spread across the country for maximum redundancy. The locations are Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal, Sydney, Toronto and Quebec. These stations are all equipped with emergency backup power and communications, to ensure your alarm signal is handled at all times. Additionally all phone line accounts are routed via two separate carriers to ensure your signal arrives every time. All of the stations are also ULC certified to ensure the proper standard of handling your signals, as well as reliability.

What is ULC and why does it matter?

ULC are the Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada. They are an independent product safety testing, certification and inspection organization. ULC sets forth certain standards that all security installations should abide to. ULC certified installations are usually only required for commercial properties, or multi-family buildings. ULC certified installations will require a yearly inspection and testing of the system to ensure its functionality. Monitoring stations however should be ULC certified, as they provide a 24 hour service, that should be up to a certain standard as is set forth by ULC. The guidelines that are set forth by ULC involve the power distribution and backup requirements, routing of wiring, the way a panel should be programmed and so much more. Our monitoring station is fully ULC certified providing you with the standards of monitoring that you should be able to expect.

What is the warranty on an Authorized Security installed alarm system?

Our Honeywell alarm systems are under warranty as long as they are monitored by us. We believe in helping our alarm subscribes stay secure and our warranties on the panels we install prove exactly that. Honeywell usually provides a 2 year manufacturers warranty, but we trust their products so much, that we will guarantee their panels as long as they are monitored by us.

Do your alarm systems support smart devices, such as locks, lights or garage doors

Our alarm systems can be integrated with all a variety of automation devices, such as door locks, thermostats, garage doors and more. The alarm systems can also be integrated into complete home automation systems, these will however have to be specifically designed.

I am currently under a contract with another alarm company, what do I do?

If you are under contract with another security provider, we will take over your alarm systems as soon as your contract has expired. Get in touch with us and let us know that you want to move your alarm system over to us. We will note the date of your contract expiration and will be in touch with you towards the end of your contract. We can guide you through the process of cancelling with your current security provider and will take over your alarm system up to a month prior. You will start paying for our monitoring once your contract with the other provider has run out, so you won’t be left without a functional alarm system, and won;t have to pay two companies at the same time.

What happens if my alarm system is destroyed during a break-in

Honeywell’s alarm systems offer a technology called APL. APL allows for the system to send a signal upon the triggering of a door sensor, which notifies the monitoring station that the door was opened. If no disarm signal is received, which would be the case if the panel was destroyed during the break-in, the central station will react to the situation as an alarm, notifying yourself and the authorities accordingly. This feature protects your home or business even if the system is destroyed the second an intruder gets their hands on it.

How long does it take to have an alarm system installed

The answer for this really depends on the alarm system. With the new Honeywell Lyric Home Controller, an install can be done within 2 hours, because of the wireless sensors and accessories. For a hardwired system, the installation time can take longer if the wiring has to be run through walls etc. When we provide you with a quote for the system we will include all the necessary information for how long it will take to get the system installed. It is usually much quicker to install a system if another system is already present. Call us at 1-844-230-2730 to find out exactly how long it will take to get your system installed.

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