Honeywell Lynx Touch 7000

The Honeywell Lynx: Specs, Pictures, Tutorials

The Honeywell Lynx is a great all-in-one alarm panel. If you are looking to get a new alarm panel for your business or home, or recently got a Lynx installed from us, here you can get all the information you may need for it. Alarm systems have multiple features that may not be apparent at first and can be hard to find. We have created some tutorials for you to make it all a little easier. Below we have everything you may need for the Honeywell Lynx alarm panel. If you still have questions or want to get a quote, just get in touch.

Automation and Security in one, meet Lynx

The Honeywell Lynx is a controller for endless wireless automation and security solutions. It allows for the protection of the premises it is installed in, while also saving energy for the home, and adding to the convenience. Lynx comes with an easy to use interface and offers a 4.3″ touchscreen, in the case of the Lynx 5210, or a 7″ touchscreen in the case of the Lynx 7000. Support for GSM and WiFi communications are built in and only require the communicator, so the Lynx has you covered in all situations. Lynx is best used for homes and small businesses, with exceptional ease of use, durability and no need to run wires. Let us show you what the Honeywell Lynx can do for your home and business security and automation.

Honeywell Lynx Family of Products
Honeywell Lynx 7000

Remote control and convenience

The Lynx seamlessly ties into Honeywell’s Total Connect, allowing the user to arm and disarm the system right from their smartphone. Lynx can also connect to automation devices, such as door locks, thermostats, automated garage doors, lights and more. With Total Connect all these devices can also be controlled from any tablet or smartphone, allowing for checkups on the home from anywhere in the world. The Honeywell Lynx is an attractive solution for homes and small businesses that want to get the most out of their investment.

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