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Most I.T. and security solutions are very industry specific. Different industries have a variety of different requirements, that’s why adapting to each and every client we work with is extremely important. Whether it is a matter of install schedules, legal requirements, location specific requirements or simply the need to have a higher end security setup than someone else, we can help. Below we outline a few of the industries that we serve, and some specific case studies of how we have helped clients within said industry to succeed. We understand the need for a customized approach for each and every business that we consult with and support. That’s why we will always customize the solutions we provide to the specific location and business, to ensure its functionality and value to the end user. Generic systems are oftentimes not able to tackle certain industry challenges, and may impact business in a negative way. Let us help you find the right solution for your business.


The hospitality sector is a business in which up-time and control are key. If debit machines, booking systems, cameras or even access control systems are down, this can mean that you’re unable to serve your clients, something you never want to have happen. Security is key in those establishments, as they are open to the public, oftentimes 24 hours a day. Limited staff and large facilities can make it complicated to keep the facilities secure and up and running at all times. With the right solutions in place, we can provide security and high availability solutions that you will be able to rely on every single day.


The world’s economies run on the transportation of goods and people, day in day out. Without the right I.T. and security backbone, these successful transports may not be possible. From securing warehouses, to tracking vehicles and ensuring the reliability of the I.T. infrastructure in place, the transportation industry very much relies on its I.T. and security infrastructure. The transportation industry not only transports high value goods, but also utilizes high value vehicles and fuels that have to be protected and available at all times. With the right solution in place, the required security and up-time can be met to make each day a successful day.


Healthcare facilities require high security, because of the sensitivity of client files, but also the value of all medication kept on hand. Just as critical is the up-time of all infrastructure at the facility, because of the liabilities that are connected to a failure to perform, be it because the network is down, or any other issue. Access control solutions have to be robust for all high traffic areas, allow for a large database of users in the system and most of all provide the security and access that is required at any given time. Surveillance cameras and the network tied to them will have to run solid every single day, to eliminate theft, liability claims and to have better control over staff at the facility. The computers and other devices at the location should be robust devices, that can handle some abuse due to the high traffic nature of any high traffic facility, but most of all up-time is critical on all servers, computers, networks and more. With the right solutions in place, the required up-time, security and reliability can be met, to make every patient visit a successful one.

Service Industry

When providing a service, the integrity of the service and the on time performance are key. With events that hold you back, such as internet outages, broken computers and more, your service cannot be performed to the full extent anymore. Even worse, if you are in a sector where you keep your customer’s valuables, such as vehicles, jewellery or similar over night, having someone steal those sometimes priceless possessions can be devastating. Proper security and I.T. infrastructures are needed to ensure the up-time of all your devices when you need them and you can rest assured they are protected as well. Having the peace of mind that your equipment is always up and running and secure can help you perform much more efficient, with less worries on your mind.


Retail establishments, whether it is a small mom and pop shop or a large mall, all require a certain set of security and I.T. infrastructure in today’s day and age. From curbing theft and break-ins to exercising more control over employees and inventory, while also helping in the case of liability incidents. A well planned out solution is required for every establishment, but retail establishments are unique in the amount of traffic they experience and the layouts are sometimes encountered. Since theft has been steadily on the rise, a security solution that effectively covers most areas of the store is needed. The I.T. infrastructure also needs to be robust, yet easy to use for the employees. Up-time is key in retail establishments, while security is also a priority. We can provide the design, installation and maintenance of both I.T. and security solutions that will effectively help any retail establishment succeed.

Oil & Gas

Our resources are a very valuable commodity and the processes to get to those resources are expensive in terms of labour and machinery. The entire process from start to finish requires security solutions that can protect the equipment and resources from theft, but also a solution that allows for a better overview over every single site.


Security is key in financial applications. Where there is money, chances are there will be attempted thefts. Whether it may be money transports or financial institutions, security needs to be reliable and utterly effective. Surveillance cameras need to practically cover every angle of every room, while access control systems need to be extremely reliable and highly secure. The I.T. infrastructure in a financial institution also needs to be highly robust and reliable, every second of the day. Centrally managed and monitored systems should be the norm, while providing real time information about the status of every system that is currently live. We can provide both, the required monitoring and solutions that will effectively protect every location.

Houses of Worship

Houses of worship are usually open to the public and allow for a safe place for prayer and ceremonies. These facilities host large crowds oftentimes, and require the proper technologies to address each and every person in the room. Furthermore, security is becoming a larger concern for many houses of worship. Solutions for houses of worship need to be effective, adaptive to older buildings and most of all reliable. Since most houses of worship are funded by not for profit organization, money also matters. We can design a cost effective and very reliable solution suite for your building.

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