Authorized Security Construction Security Solutions

Authorized Security is a unique partner for construction partners. We have designed solutions to take construction projects, whether new construction or renovations, from project planning to breaking ground to completion and beyond. Planning can be the most crucial part of any project, that’s why we are always ready to design systems and plan the execution beforehand to allow for the perfect integration of all security, IT and A.V. solutions. Our innovative site security solution will protect the construction site and all equipment on site 24/7 from theft and monitor all site activity during construction. Security is important, even during the execution of the project, and we have you covered. After all systems are fully integrated and the building is ready for the hand-over to the client, we will be ready to train the client on all aspects of the new systems, allowing them to take full advantage of the advanced features of the system. Even after said training, we are always available for any service calls and maintenance on the system, as well as providing training for new tenants and employees. Our processes and solutions are designed to cover all construction project needs, to ensure the security of the site, and the functionality of all systems for the end-user.

Access Control Solutions for New Construction

New construction can benefit from planning for access control solutions to be put in place. This allows for much less costly pre-wiring and installation without disrupting the tenant. With access card readers in place from day one, the building can benefit from additional security straight away. We offer a variety of solutions to accommodate condo buildings, office buildings, industrial buildings and more. We can design and install the solution during construction to minimize the need for running wires after the building is completed.


During construction, pre-wiring is a breeze. Without any walls in place, wiring a new access control solution requires less man hours and allows us to plan ahead. Pre-wiring will save costs, allow for security to be put in place from day one, and will ensure that all devices can be put in place without any restrictions. All our wiring will be professionally installed, and we will ensure the integrity of all the wiring upon completion.


Our experts can design any access control system for any application. Whether the building requires and intercom, or has hundreds of doors, we can create an access control solution to fit the clients needs. Before and during construction the possibilities are endless, as our solutions can be integrated into the plans and wires can be run more effectively into hard to reach places. Our access control installations during construction will be completed in phases, to allow for construction to continue on. A reliable access control solution needs effective design, that’s where we come in.


All wiring was done in the pre-wiring phase. The installation phase will take much less time, as we are installing all the hardware, such as card readers, control panels and door locks. With everything pre-wired we will be able to tie all devices into the access solution and test everything right away. Some key cards can be read into the system right away to allow construction staff access to the premises. Once the building is complete, these cards can either be deactivated or if they are returned they can be reused. The occupant will then receive all access codes and cards for their use.


We won’t abandon the project upon completion. As with any technology solution, regular maintenance is required for the device to stay operational and reliable. We will work with the occupant to maintain the system and respond in case of a service call. Regular maintenance programs, assistance with the device itself and service, all performed by us. We are the perfect partner for any construction project, as we will ensure a long lasting relationship with the customer, ensuring the customers satisfaction with both the products and services we offer.

Construction Site Surveillance Solutions

Construction sites are vulnerable to crime. Be it fuel theft, or material theft, it’s a regular occurrence. Our solutions allow for site security from day one. With 24-hour monitoring available and integrated lighting, our towers ensure the security of the site and the safety of the workers. The lighting allows us to get the best picture of the intruder, and the unit is built to withstand the elements and any vandalism. Get a better glimpse of your site on the go, and have us monitor your site when you can’t be there to make sure your equipment and material is safe.

Site Lighting

Why pay for light towers on site, when our security towers are fitted with bright LED lights that will keep your site lit up at all times. Our LED lights not only are designed to be extremely efficient, but they also provide directional lighting for your site. Paired with solar and a generator, the two allow for minimal fueling intervals with better light output than comparable metal halide light towers. The system features a backup battery that allows for guaranteed lighting even in case of a generator malfunction. Automatic lighting schedules and remote control features are all available for convenience and safety.

Site Security

Crime is rising, so why not prevent your site from being the target? Our site monitoring solutions are built to not only provide a clear image of the intruder, but to also allow us to immediately notify the authorities in case of unauthorized personnel entering the site. Our towers are paired with high definition surveillance cameras that will be able to catch details of the intruder, even at night thanks to the lighting built in. Many sites are without power when construction commences. Our systems are designed to be standalone and not powered, featuring a variety of power sources within, that enable the unit to run eco-friendly and reliably.

Site Monitoring

In reality you don’t have the time to monitor your site all day, every day. So take a break and let us do the heavy lifting. Our camers are paired with motion detectors that allow for an immediate response in case movement is detected. The cameras will automatically zoom to the area of interest and capture video. Our operators will be notified of the movement on site and will be able to see if it is an intruder or another object that may be flying in the wind. With the 24 hour monitoring, you can ensure your site is secure without the need for security guards.

Remote Viewing

Got multiple sites and you are stuck in a meeting? Pull up the sites from your laptop or smartphone and see every single camera deployed on site. Whether you want to track progress, ensure your employees are working or want to see if a shipment arrived, the time is now to do so. All of our surveillance units allow for remote access to the unit. Simply install the app and view the unit right from your smartphone or laptop and get a detailed overview wherever you go. Managing your site has never been easier. Remote viewing is not restricted to just a single person, so your office can also have a look whenever they need to.

Environmental Sensors

Heaters on site can be unreliable, while other material should maybe not get wet. Our units are not only designed to keep your site secure, but also to ensure the integrity of your materials and the building. Immediate alerts about water or cold temperatures right to your smartphone, or another person responsible can make quite a difference on a job site. If a heater fails at night, immediate alerts can be sent to have someone deal with the heater instead of having part of the site freeze. Similarly floods can also be reported straight to your phone, keeping you informed every step of the way.

New Construction A.V. Solutions

During construction there has never been a better time to pull more wires and install more A.V. solutions. Whether a single rooms needs to be fitted with audio, or the entire building needs to have a managed A.V. solution, we have the right products for the job. From small setups to fully automated solutions we can handle all the wiring, installation and the programming of all devices.

Video Solutions

Video is key, whether for educating, advertising, entertainment or productivity. We can create the right video setup for your application. From design to installation through to content management and maintenance, we can help. Our solutions include projectors, television screens, digital signage displays, content management devices and playback devices. We also offer a vast range of mounting solutions to ensure your devices are all properly secured, easily accessible and aesthetically pleasing. During construction a new video setup can be designed to fit the space, and all wiring can be perfectly concealed, allowing for the perfect solution for any business or residence.

Audio Solutions

Audio solutions can be designed to perfectly match the space. With speakers and subwoofers concealed in walls or ceilings, allowing for room filling audio through speakers that are almost invisible. During construction is the perfect time to pair your space with a new audio solution, be it a home theater setup or a multi-room audio solution, we can design the perfect setup for your application. All wiring can be concealed and home-run to the controllers, allowing for easy setup upon completion of the construction and the perfect sound for the years to come.

Integrated A.V. Solutions

Automated solutions are the perfect application to be considered during construction. Automated solutions require a variety of wiring to be run in wall and in ceilings. These solutions can be built to automate all displays and audio zones at the touch of a button, making it the ideal solution for any commercial space. Full automation solutions need extensive wiring and design expertise. We provide the necessary expertise for each and every project, though wiring can be tough in finished spaces. Completing all wiring while the space is under construction is perfect, as all wiring can be concealed and protected in the walls and ceilings.

New Construction Networking and I.T. Solutions

When renovating or newly constructing a space, there has never been a better time to upgrade your I.T. environment. With our expertise we can examine blueprints of your space and design a network and infrastructure that will efficiently serve your space and business. From wireless and wired networking solutions, to servers and printers, we can provide all the equipment and software necessary to build a reliable, cost effective and productive I.T. environment for your business.

Networking Solutions

During new construction or renovations, the running of network cabling is much easier than in a production environment. The design of a wireless network also needs to take wire runs into account, while also obeying signal strength across the entire space. The design and implementation of a network solution is always most efficient during new construction or renovations, as the entire space can be pre-wired  to allow for future additions later on, without the hassle of running further wiring. When we design a network we ensure to use the highest grade cabling available to us, as well as proactively pre-wiring the location to ensure future additions can be accommodated with as little work as possible.

Server Solutions

Servers are needed to save all operational documents, allow for better device security and maybe even to host emails. We offer a variety of server solutions to provide you with a cost-effective and reliable server right from the start. Our partner Lenovo has the highest up-time of any server manufacturer, and also offers state of the art warranties along with these servers should anything ever go wrong. We not only provide the hardware, but can also provide the software for the servers, from the operating system (Windows or Linux) to required applications for your environment.

Workstation/Tablet Solutions

With the revolution the tablet has brought to many industries, childcare and education are industries that can also benefit from the use of tablets. We offer a large variety of tablets with Android or Windows operating systems. Regardless of the application you need a tablet for, we can provide it. For desktop workstations, we can also provide desktop computers and all required peripherals to make your I.T. environment ready for success. From single tablet solutions to entire charging carts and more, we can provide it all and more.

Printing Solutions

Whether you are printing colouring sheets, invoices or attendance logs, you want a reliable and cost effective printing solution. We offer a wide range of printers that will serve you reliably, while using affordable, high-yield supplies. Whether you are looking for a large format central workstation, or a small desktop printer, we can outfit your environment with the right solution for the job. From colour and black/white printing, to fully functional multi-function printers, we carry it all. Our supplier partnerships also allow us to get all necessary supplies for the printers we sell, so we can install and maintain all the solutions we offer.

Power and Backup Solutions

Power is one of the least thought of requirements for devices, until it goes out. Regular power coming from your receptacles can be very “dirty”. Dirty power can cut your device life much shorter, than originally intended. We recommend power conditioning equipment for each and every device that will be plugged into a wall outlet. Whether it may be a T.V. or a computer. For data sensitive devices we take it a step further and recommend power backup solutions that will continue running, even if power fails at the location. All power backed up devices should also be backed up by a separate backup service to ensure the data integrity in case of a power failure or worse, a hardware crash.

Maintenance Solutions

Regular maintenance is an utter requirement of the longevity and reliability of any I.T. environment. Whether there are outstanding issues that need to be resolved, or the devices themselves need to be cleaned regularly, we recommend a regular visit every 3 to 6 months, depending on the environment and size of the installation. Regular cleaning, updating, auditing and logging of all device activity is important for any I.T. environment. We will come by to ensure your environment is functioning as it should, at all times.

New Construction Structured Cabling Solutions (Pre-Wiring)

Pre-wiring any space is of utter importance. If a space is not properly wired, issues may arise down the road which can be extremely costly. Future upgrades, if not thought of, may also become costly later on, because additional wiring has to be run that may be completely impossible. When pre-wiring a space it is important to use the latest cable products and add additional wire runs, even if they may not be used right away. We ensure to use the newest wiring standards available and also ensure to run additional wiring in case a future expansion will require it. Pre-wiring a location with more wire than required is a marginal investment, compared to the investment incurred down the road should additional wire runs be required.

Audio/Video Cabling

Audio and Video signals need the right wire to properly transport the signal across your building. HDMI wires need to be rated to be run in-wall, in order to protect the signal that the wire is transporting. There are varying standards for HDMI cables as well that are used for different applications. The standard needs to be matched to the application. For audio wiring, the correct gauge of wiring needs to be used for the type of speaker and type of system that will be installed. We use Honeywell’s Genesis Cable which is one of the highest grade cables available. Honeywell offers a wide range of cables for almost every application.

Network Cabling

Networks are the most important part of any I.T. environment. With daycare and preschool centers relying more and more on a stable network infrastructure. We offer a variety of Category 5 and Category 6 cabling for reliable networks, and carry all of the required products to properly terminate each connection. All of our network cabling is built to surpass all standards, and will provide you with long lasting network service.

Alarm System Pre-Wire

Alarm systems need to be properly wired in order to allow for reliable detection of intruders. We can pre-wire for all types of sensors and communicators to allow for effective and reliable communications and installation. Our cables are guaranteed to be the right cable for the job, and will work reliably over the lifetime of the alarm system. Many installations are not done up to par, without the right cabling. Alarm components may fail prematurely or seize to work due to failed wiring. With our structured cabling solutions we can ensure that your alarm system will work reliably for a long time.

Structured Cabling Accessories

Face plates, connectors, patch panels and more, we can provide it all. Our installs are paired with the correct termination pieces, to ensure ease of use and access to your wiring connections. All of our connectors and face plates are designed to fit with your current decor and will accommodate the correct connectors for the job. We can make sure to meet all your termination requirements, and will keep wiring standards across the entire location to minimize interference, maximize performance and provide an all around reliable solution.

Video Surveillance Solutions for Construction

Our expertise lies with protection a construction project from start to finish and beyond. We can secure the site from day one, and can also fit the building with video surveillance solutions, protecting the project at all times. Our video surveillance solutions feature high definition video surveillance cameras, high availability servers, enterprise level software and reliable hardware in between. We can pre-wire any space to accommodate the latest video surveillance products and install these products upon completion of the project, to ensure no corner of the building remains unseen even during construction.

Video Surveillance Cameras

Learn more about our site surveillance offerings above. Video surveillance is essential for most businesses and even many residences nowadays. During construction is the ideal time to think about adding video surveillance products to any space. Whether it will be a basic setup or a sophisticated enterprise solution with dedicated monitoring and more, we can help. Pre-wiring the space for video surveillance to allow for future video surveillance integration is a great idea, even if video surveillance is not yet top of mind. Our video surveillance cameras are all high definition IP surveillance cameras, allowing for great image quality and many features that were previously unheard of. We provide and install all of our products, making it very easy to install a new video surveillance system in your space.

Video Surveillance Software

The software driving the video surveillance project needs to be selected based on the size,  and layout of the site. Examining the needs of a project before or during construction can be very beneficial, allowing for cost savings and the perfect solution to be put in place. Site size and required functionality all play a factor in the selection of both recording server and software selected, as some sites may only need a basic overview, while other sites are constantly monitored and require advanced functionalities. We can design the perfect video surveillance software solution for your site, to ensure proper coverage, security and functionality.

Video Surveillance Servers

Servers are bulky and need to be planned for. New construction or renovations are perfect to allow for the perfect placement of a video surveillance server. These servers may need to be kept in a climate controlled and secured room, something that has to be planned for. New construction and renovations also allow for all wiring to be routed to the desired server location, eliminating the need for awkward connections and possible broken wiring due to limited wire running capabilities in a finished space.

Video Surveillance Upgrades

There is no better time to upgrade the video surveillance solution at any space, while there is already ongoing construction. Some upgrades may require new wiring to be run, which becomes much more cost effective if the walls and ceilings are already exposed. Cameras can be removed at the beginning of construction and replaced once construction is completed, ensuring that no devices are harmed during the construction and better yet, allowing for the new cameras to blend into the new look. Upgrading an existing video surveillance environment while the space is undergoing renovations is the perfect opportunity.

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