Casinos require advanced security and A.V. solutions to entertain and protect

Casinos are unique, requiring high resolution, high speed cameras, to catch even the fastest cheaters. With the vast amounts of money that are spent at casinos on a daily basis, security is an absolute requirement. Requiring secure access control solutions, advanced video surveillance cameras and alarm monitoring for the off hours, casinos need high performance equipment to ensure the security and safety of staff, guests and the premises themselves. Entertainment is just as important for the guests, which is best provided via audio/visual solutions. From showcasing sporting events in the bar areas, and sport betting areas to merely entertaining guests while they are roaming around the slot machines, video solutions can help entertain and capture your guests attention better. Audio solutions are great for announcements, general background music and to keep your guests entertained in the bar and waiting areas. There are multiple government requirements for casinos. We can help create a solution that will meet all regulatory expectations and that will fit the needs of every casino application.

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Access Control Solutions for Casinos

Access control is an absolute requirement for casinos. With the amounts of money that are stored and gambled with every day at casinos, the need for security rises with every single penny. Protecting the cashier areas and all other areas with access control solutions is an absolutely need to ensure the safety and security of staff, guests and the property alike. If the casino hosts a hotel on site, each guest room will be individually protected by an access controlled door lock that their key-card is coded to upon arrival. The entire system can be kept on the same access control system to ensure the security, but also the convenience to both staff and administrators. With a variety of access levels certain people can be restricted to certain areas, while others may enjoy different access through different doors again. Our team is trained to design and install small and large access control solutions. Access control solutions require a very thoughtful design process to ensure emergency exits are still accessible in the case of an emergency, while they should be secure at all other times.

Video Surveillance Solutions for Casinos

Sleight of hand is a thing of the past with advanced video surveillance solutions that are capable of 60 frames per second and more. With high resolution cameras that take 60 pictures or more every single second, even the fastest cheater can be caught on video and prosecuted accordingly. Having a reliable video surveillance solution is the bread and butter for casinos, without it the chances are very high for criminal losses. Proper network design, camera calculations and server configuration is required to ensure the video surveillance is up to the task for protecting the entire casino. The video requirements go far beyond just the gambling halls. Cashiers and establishments within the casinos will also require a reliable video surveillance infrastructure to ensure the property is secured all around. Whether the requirement is a centrally managed solution or individually managed servers that can be networked to work as one, we have the right solution for any application.

Fire Monitoring Solutions for Casinos

With the vast size of some casinos, multiple fire systems may be required. We offer reliable and affordable fire monitoring solutions that ensure your buildings are protected in case a fire does occur. Fire monitoring solutions are extremely critical for large venues such as casinos, because of the amounts of people and equipment they are housing. Ensuring everyone’s safety starts with the correct fire monitoring system for the application. Without the proper signaling system the firefighters may show up too late, and lives may be lost in the process. Our solutions are ULC listed and installed according to the standards set forth to ensure the safety of everyone in the building in case the worst case happens.

Networking/WiFi for Casinos

Networking is of extreme importance for casinos. Most of the gambling machines are networked nowadays, requirement a reliable network and a network that is capable of handling all the traffic that is sent across the network by these machines. Having a network that is not up to par for all this traffic can cause downtime and disgruntled guests. Beyond just the machines, guests will expect a guest WiFi network that they can sign on to and use reliably to share pictures of their experience on social media and with their friends. WiFi can be a great marketing tool by requiring for guests to like the establishments Facebook page in order to get onto the guest network. This allows for the social media following to grow at a minimal inconvenience to the guest. Guest rooms, meeting rooms and conference areas will require hardwired and wireless internet access as well, as it is a general expectation nowadays. With advanced networking solutions guest WiFi can be kept completely separate from existing network infrastructure ensuring the security of your internal network while providing the performance your guests are expecting.

Audio/Video Solutions for Casinos

Meeting rooms, conference centers, gaming halls, restaurant and bar areas, these are just a few of the areas that will require some kind of audio or video solution. The requirements can largely differ between areas, but the need for reliable audio and video products is still the same. We offer a large variety of speaker arrays and speaker products to offer the right solutions for concert halls, meeting rooms, background music applications and conference centers. Our video products span from basic TV applications to more sophisticated signage and projector solutions, spanning from 32 inches to large video walls and beyond. Regardless of the application our experience audio/video team is able to find the right products for the application.

From advertising with video, interactive menus and general entertainment, we have done it all and have the expertise, products and manpower to handle small and large installs alike. Casinos are unique in their requirements because of the vast offerings within the same building. From gambling to restaurants, hotels and conference areas; all of it can be found under the same roof and has to be centrally managed to enable ease of use, reliability and maximum performance.

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