Hotels are unique in their access, security and I.T. requirements

Hotels/Motels and Hostels are very unique in their requirement for access control, as every room is secured to a specific person, the guest in this case. As such there may be thousands of different credentials, each of which pertain to a different room. Furthermore these facilities have to be accessible at all times for guests, but sometimes unauthorized access may occur. The requirement for video surveillance is very large, because of little staff coverage after hours, and the potential for a security issue. Conference rooms require audio and visual solutions, such as projectors, audio and conference solutions and more. Guests will also expect high speed internet solutions in their rooms and common areas, which need to be able to handle high bandwidth applications, such as video streaming. Authorized Security has the necessary partnerships with industry leaders to ensure the proper products for the job. Our team is extremely well trained and will be able to design the entire solution from the ground up.

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Access Control Solutions for Hotels

Hotels require a unique access control setup, because of the room setup that hotels require. Access control systems for hotels need to allow access to all rooms for the maids, limited access to areas for other employees and access to individual rooms for Hotel guests. This setup requires an easy to use solution that will allow for the easy programming of a new access card at the time a guest checks in, but also an easy to use mechanism that the guest will understand right from looking at the door. In some cases some guest cards may be required to open two more or more rooms, in the case of large families staying at hotels. Our solutions can make that level of customization possible, while allowing for ease of use and utter reliability when programming new cards.

Employee access cards can be set up on a separate system to ensure guests do not have access to restricted areas. Furthermore, our access control setups can be designed to allow for integration of parkades, which means the guest can park in the hotel parkade, with the same card that opens their room. That way the Hotel owner has an overview over the parkade and who is parked there at all times, and the guest has the convenience of secure parking with a swipe of a card.

Video Surveillance Solutions for Hotels

Video surveillance in public spaces, such as hotels is an absolutely requirement. From a liability standpoint, the hotel operators need to be protected, which is something video surveillance can help with. Since hotels are a 24 hour facility, people under the influence, or criminals may enter the property and pose a security or safety hazard. As such a video surveillance solutions will help report these issues as they are happening, and will be able to tell the story afterwards. The additional protection for both liability and security is an absolute must for hotels, with hundreds of rooms, there can be a large number of people and equity that need to be protected. We will calculate the specs for every single camera to ensure the proper lens and resolution are in use. We have partnerships in place with leading video surveillance camera manufacturers and have the necessary expertise to properly design and install a solution of varying sizes. Our server solutions are cost effective and allow for integration of video analytics, to count the people in and out of your establishment and more.

Fire Monitoring Solutions for Hotels

With the potential to house thousands of people, knowing about a fire the second it starts is an absolute must. Fire monitoring solutions need to be reliable and always ready. Regular testing is required and in some cases ULC certifications are required. Authorized Security has the equipment and expertise to ensure your fire monitoring solution is up and running at all times, ready to respond in case of a fire. Our monitoring centers are fully ULC certified and will respond to all alarms right away. Regular testing and maintenance is also something that we will perform to ensure the alarm is ready to go when it is needed. In Hotel environments, the fire alarm is arguably one of the most important devices in the building. Having a partner that will help you ensure the safety of your guests every step of the way is a great help. Let us be that partner.

Networking/WiFi for Hotels

When spending the night at a hotel, or attending a conference or seminar, WiFi is expected by almost every single guest. The sheer volume of traffic that may want to sign onto a network within a matter of a few minutes can be enough to bring a wireless setup to its knees. Fortunately, there is ways to mitigate and upgrade infrastructure to ensure the reliability and availability of the wireless network. Some people may want to stream movies or music, while others simply want to check their emails. Regardless of what it is, Authorized Security has the necessary expertise, partnerships and trained technicians available to create a reliable, cost effective and highly available network. With names such as Cisco, Meraki, Netgear, Aruba and more in our repertoire of hardware manufacturers, we can provide a solution that provide the speed hotel guests are looking for, while the system remains reliable as ever. Our expertise allows us to create networks that will keep your guest’s data secure, while also allowing for real time reporting on the usage of your network. Better yet, via network segregation, we can set up your local network and your guest network to work through the same hardware, thus making it so much more cost effective.

Audio/Video Solutions for Hotels

Nothing is worse than showing up to present at a conference room and run into technological trouble. With the myriad of connection methods and other requirements, sometimes things just do not work out for the best. In the case of rented space within Hotels, they are required to function, otherwise the conference may have to be relocated to a location that can handle the requirements. Authorized Security has a variety of A.V. equipment and partnerships available that allow for easy setup for guests and reliability for the Hotel owners. Ensure your guest’s A.V. needs are fulfilled with in room TV’s and audio solutions, as well as conference room audio and video solutions that will make every meeting a success.

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