Nightclubs need reliable audio and video solutions, while they present a security challenge

Nightclubs, bars and other nightlife scene hangouts benefit from a very sophisticated Audio/Visual setup that is both reliable and sets the mood for the location. Nightclubs will have different requirements than bars, but the need for reliable, great sounding equipment is the same. Bars and Nightclubs are usually a darker setting, with flashing lights and video distributed across the location. This can present a major security challenge with oftentimes hundreds of people that have been drinking. To curb drug consumption, under-age access and other issues that nightclubs and bars face, very advanced video surveillance solutions are required that can handle flashing lights and the darker setting of the room. Social networking is also becoming more and more important for the promotion of nightclubs and bars. By offering wireless guest access, guests are usually more prone to upload their experience to any of the prominent social media sites. Advanced guest WiFi solutions allow for promotional codes to be distributed to anyone that signs onto the WiFi and likes your Facebook page. The possibilities are endless, but the right solution has to be found that works with both your budget and the building you are outfitting.

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Access Control Solutions for Nightclubs and Bars

Much like restaurants, the nightlife scene can suffer from high turnover, because of the employment of students that returns to school and other reasons. Access control solutions can be very beneficial in those cases, as they allow for the location to be more secure, and if an employee quits or is let go, their card is simply deactivated if it is not returned. This solution can drastically save every nightclub money, by making rekeying the locks a thing of the past. Access control can also allow to secure certain areas that only employees should have access to. In case of a security breach the system will alarm and will also show the last person that accessed the area. Access control solutions for nightclubs and bars can help save costs, secure the building better and allow for greater control over staff and guest access.

Video Surveillance Solutions for Nightclubs and Bars

Video surveillance works just like the human eye does, light hits the lens and an image is created. Unfortunately in nightclubs and bars the light is very dim, making it harder for the cameras to see. Luckily there are cameras that are outfitted to light the scene with infrared lighting, but in nightclubs this can prove problematic. Flashing lights and infrared lighting oftentimes do not mix well, as the cameras will try to open their shutter to let the light in, but the light only hits momentarily and effectively blinds the camera. That’s why cameras for nightclubs, bars and other dark environments with flashing lights have to be chosen very carefully. Our team can pick the right camera for the location they are placed in, taking into account the lighting conditions, resolution required and amount of zoom required. Keeping all of this in mind, proposing and installing cameras can become very easy, and allows the end user to greatly benefit from improved picture quality, proper handling of all weather and lighting conditions and remote access to their cameras wherever they go.

Networking/WiFi for Nightclubs and Bars

Marketing is important in today’s day and age, even for nightclubs and bars. In the case of the hospitality industry, social media can be a great tool to advertise practically for free through your guests. By allowing them to upload their experience to the internet, the club or bar is gaining more traction and credibility with every upload. Installing guest WiFi solutions can make it easier for your guests to upload videos, use messaging apps and more. Meraki’s WiFi solutions come integrated with authentication portals that will require every person that signs onto the WiFi to like the Facebook page of the club or bar. Solutions like these can greatly increase your social following and marketing at a very minimal cost.

Audio/Video Solutions for Nightclubs and Bars

Audio and video are arguably the most important part in nightclubs and bars to keep guests entertained and for them to spend more time there. Nightclubs require advanced DJ equipment,lighting and heavy duty speaker systems that will handle the electronic music at very high volumes. Bars on the other hand need video equipment for sports events, while also having high resolution audio for those sporting events and background music during other times. Authorized Security has A.V. experts available that can design small and large systems that are able to handle everything that is thrown at them. From background music applications to heavy duty concert ready equipment, we have a variety of partnerships with manufacturers to allow us to source the right products for the job. DJ equipment and software, large and small speaker arrays, amplifiers and controllers, to find a solution for every application

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