Restaurants are fast paced environments that can present challenges for technology.

Restaurants are very unique environments that are fast paced and can present a challenge for technology. Some technology is too complicated to use in such a fast paced environment, while other equipment may fail prematurely due to the grease that floats around most restaurants. Even regular cleaning schedules can succumb to the grease and dust that will collect on electronics, which will cause the to overheat. With the right audio/visual, I.T. and security solutions, every lunch or brunch or dinner can be made an enjoyable and profitable one. Guests need their attention grabbed by interactive menus in fast service restaurants, while music and video should overshadow the noise within the location. From high-end dining to fast service, through to sports bars, we have done it all, and will be able to find a solution that will suit your needs and be exactly what your guests are looking for.

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Access Control Solutions for Restaurants

While access control solutions may seem unnecessary within the restaurant industry, the high turnover that some restaurants can be experiencing can make an access control solution a great option. Instead of re-keying the locks every time, an access control solution will allow for the employees card to be deactivated. In the case of keypads, a new code can easily be programmed and will provide major savings over the long run. Access control solutions also allow for the control of guest access to restricted areas. Instead of having to handle keys, maybe even multiple keys for separate applications, access control solutions will be easy to use with a single key card for all accessible doors. Access control solutions can also be used for accurate time keeping purposes, allowing only the employee themselves to clock in and clock out, eliminating the friend helping a friend phenomenon.

Video Surveillance Solutions for Restaurants

With guests and employees coming and going for up to 12 hours, it’s easy to lose oversight. With easy to use video surveillance solutions these issues are mitigated, by allowing the manager, owner and anyone else that is authorized to view the entire restaurant from one easy screen. For multi-location restaurants, the solution can be scaled to allow for easy viewing of all locations at once. It can even be modified to allow the manager to only view their location, the district manager to view the locations they are responsible for, and the owner every single location they own. From viewing all cash registers at once, to viewing entire locations all at the same time, everything is possible with our advanced video surveillance solutions.

Fire Monitoring Solutions for Restaurants

The more guests are in a restaurant, the higher the responsibility for the owner to provide a working fire monitoring system. Should a fire start and the people at the restaurant are not warned in time, the results can be fatal. Authorized Security offers fire monitoring solutions for standalone restaurants that are cost effective and very reliable to ensure the reporting in case of a fire. Our monitoring centers are fully ULC listed and are ready to respond within seconds of the alarm to dispatch the authorities and notify the owner and manager in case of an alarm. Our systems fulfill the ULC specifications and we install them to the highest standards available to ensure the safety of your guests and building at all times.

Networking/WiFi for Restaurants

Guests expect free WiFi wherever they go. When going out for lunch or dinner, the same thing is expected from the chosen restaurant. Without a proper solution in place the restaurant can run major security risks for their networks, and furthermore can risk bad reviews merely because of a slow internet connection. With solutions such as Meraki’s guest networking solutions, the guest can be presented with a special offer splash screen to make them aware of a desert or drink offer at a certain time. From there the guest can then gain internet access by agreeing to the terms and conditions. Your guest WiFi is not only a convenience for the guests, but also allow you to upsell certain meals or deserts, that may otherwise not be very well known. Provide your guests with a secure WiFi solution that will allow them to collaborate with their colleagues and customers over lunch. It will improve your bottom line, and the guests will be very happy to know your locations are great spots for meeting new clients or get some work done over lunch or dinner.

Audio/Video Solutions for Restaurants

Restaurants can be very noisy, but oftentimes that noise is drained out by music played in the background or foreground, depending on the restaurant. Fast service restaurants oftentimes offer menus that are printed and hanging from the ceiling. Unfortunately those menus do not grab the guests attention and may cause the guest to be confused, or not even see the menu at first. With digital signage solutions, quick service restaurants can benefit from an interactive menu solution that will grab the customers attention from the second they walk in and might be able to upsell something that the customer was not even aware of was on the menu. TV’s are oftentimes also distributed across restaurants for sporting events and other events that may be of interest to the guests. We at Authorized Security have the right solutions to make your restaurant more interactive and modern. With the right audio and video solutions your bottom line can be significantly increased, while also raising the satisfaction of your guests.

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