Security, I.T. and A.V. solutions for the Transportation Industry

The transportation industry not only transports high value goods, but also includes high value equipment and large buildings that all have to be secured. The transportation industry includes a variety of cycles, such as vehicles being purchased, used and then eventually recycled, the same goes for the goods that are being transported. Security and I.T. solutions need to be built to adapt to these cycles, to protect all goods from start to finish, while also providing reliability and all the information that is required at all times. Working with Authorized Security allows for us to provide the solution that will protect your processes and provide everything that is required to get the job done efficiently, on time and safely. As a solution provider with a wide footprint of offerings, we can also ensure that your technology needs are covered and will manage satellite locations just as well as your HQ. Managing multiple locations has never been this easy, and should a problem ever arise, you know who to call.


Vehicle Dealerships

Whether the vehicle is a recreational, personal or commercial vehicle, large sums of money are tied up in inventory that is due to be sold. Unfortunately most vehicles do not sell out on day one, and will require protection on the lot. The building itself housing the actual staff, accessories, parts and mechanics shop will have to be protected just as well. Furthermore, in order to allow for the sales process to be successful and seamless at all times, a properly managed I.T. solution is required. Find out how we can help vehicle dealerships be secure and more efficient, every step of the way.


Transportation Hubs

Transportation hubs such as airports, train-stations, ports and bus terminals require very advanced security and I.T. solutions that will protect the assets and premises, while also creating a comfortable experience for travelers. With the right solution, travel can be made very comfortable and enjoyable for all travelers passing through, while ensuring your building is secure and your I.T. and A.V. solutions are up and running at all times. The sheer size that these buildings can often evolve to be, requires careful calculations and design considerations. Learn how we can help you create a more secure and passenger friendly environment.


Fuel Stations

Fuel theft is a very real issue, and unfortunately fuel stations are to date one of the most unprotected locations. Authorized Security can help create a more secure environment, which in turn will also improve safety. Controlling multiple stations at once also becomes much easier when they are networked together via advanced surveillance and access control solutions. Securing fueling stations has never been this easy and affordable, with the help of Authorized Security you can count on curbing fuel theft and any safety issues that may arise,


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