Gas Stations need to be protected and open at all times.

Fuel theft to this day is still an issue. Gas stations are usually equipped with older alarm and surveillance solutions, that do not allow for the identification of thieves in case someone drives off or robs the location. That is amongst the reason why fuel theft can still successfully be completed, but the investment to stop it is minimal compared to the losses experienced. We offer advanced video surveillance solutions that will allow for the identification of any vehicles and thieves that are at the station. Furthermore, safety can greatly be increased by monitoring all activities on site in high definition. Access control systems can protect areas that patrons are not allowed in, and allow for greater control over the location. Finally the alarm system can monitor both the fire system and for any burglary events while the station is closed. Advanced security solutions are required to keep gas stations secure and to allow patrons to continue dispensing fuel.

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Access Control Solutions for Transportation Hubs

Access control is of utter importance for most transportation hubs. From lower security facilities, such as bus terminals to high security facilities such as airports, access control can help secure the facilities to ensure the safety of passengers, employees and equipment alike. Access control solutions can be integrated into the building and can be set to allow for a variety of different access levels. In the the case of an airport, for example, some employees are restricted to the common areas, whereas some employees are allowed into the secured areas. Furthermore there is another group of staff, the ground staff that is allowed to enter the outdoor areas where all the planes reside. Due to the sheer security requirements that transportation hubs have, man-traps and biometric authentication can be an option to speed up authentication, while also increasing the security on site.

Access control solutions, integrated with video surveillance can allow for an enhanced overview over people holding the door open for others. Anti passback is also a solution that can mitigate the risks of employees letting unauthorized personnel through. We have a vast product offering that can secure even the highest security facilities. Our partnerships with a variety of access control equipment manufacturers allows us to provide you with the right equipment for the job. We also offer advanced biometric readers that will allow for higher security solutions and can work with you on upgrading your existing facility to bring the latest security features that we can offer to any building.

Video Surveillance Solutions for Transportation Hubs

Video Surveillance is important for such a large facility, such as an airport. Unfortunately, as is with most large facilities, there are many places to hide. That is the reason why a video surveillance solution has to be well planned out, to ensure the cameras can capture every angle. The size of the facilities also requires a myriad of surveillance cameras, which means the server backbone and the network will have to be able to handle all the traffic that is pushed through it. Our team accurately calculates every single camera requirement and takes into account the vast requirement that these facilities will require. Authorized Security is partnered with a variety of networking, server, video surveillance camera, and video surveillance software manufacturers, to ensure we can provide a solution that will work with your existing equipment and allows us to upgrade piece by piece. Video surveillance analytics is a feature that is oftentimes required for transportation hubs, such as abandoned item scanning, people counting and unauthorized access. All these features are available through the software and camera solutions that we offer.

Networking/WiFi for Transportation Hubs

Visitors and passengers expect wireless internet access at most locations nowadays. Transportation hubs are no exception from that rule, but the sad reality is that most networks are crippled by the sheer volume of data that is pushed through it, for guests to have WiFi access. During waiting times people may expect to stream a movie, or download a few files to work on later on the plane. Unfortunately, most often this is not possible, because of a poor network design, or required network caps. Our team has certified experts available that will calculate network requirements and place all the right equipment at the right places. Sometimes investing in fewer access points, but faster backbones can make a major difference to the end user. Authorized Security has a variety of partnerships with companies, such as Cisco, Meraki, Netgear and Aruba to mitigate network bandwidth issues and provide the network speed and security that is required for all the applications on the network. While transportation hubs oftentimes offer guest WiFi, the backbone of the operations also needs to run on a network parallel to the network that is offered to guests. Security risks and performance issues may arise from offering the same network to guests and employees. That’s where network segregation comes in, something that our network engineers always take into account when planning a networking solution. Having a reliable network for both guests, and employees can make the difference in guest satisfaction and on time performance.

Audio/Video Solutions for Transportation Hubs

Passengers need to know about delays, gate changes, locations of amenities, and any other information that may be pertinent to them. Furthermore, employees of the hub need to know similar information to plan out their work day and ensure the on time performance of every turn they touch. Having a reliable display network distributed across the facilities can make work and travel much easier for everyone involved. Audio can be integrated to audibly advise travelers of pertinent information, and video can be used to advertise local stores, news and more. Our Audio/Visual solutions not only allow for display of pertinent information, but can also significantly grow revenues through advertising. Advertising local stores and attractions can give the traveler information on planning their trip, while allowing for income to the hub.

For the case of conference rooms and venues at the hub, such as some airports or train-stations may offer, we can provide state of the art communication, video and audio solutions that will add value to every single meeting. Whether a conference call with another company is required, a presentation is done or merely audio is required, Authorized Security has the right tools and manufacturers to ensure every single occupancy of these venues is successful. With a wide variety of communication, video and audio solutions, we have all needs that may arise covered.

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