I.T. Solutions for a successful business

I.T. is arguably the most important to most businesses today. Most businesses just operate with their I.T. environment and deal with failures as they come up. We create environments and will maintain them to minimize the possibility of these failures. Every failure costs large amounts of money, which most businesses are not even aware of. Ask yourself the question of: “What happens when my internet is down for half a day?”. Most people will have to answer that they will not be able to get any work done. Let’s take it a step further: “What happens if my main workstation/server crashes?”. For most businesses this means they can shut their doors for a week or more, until they can recover their data, if they even have backups in place, which many businesses don’t. Regardless of the size of your businesses, the type of your business and the location of your business, I.T. support is required and crucial. Let us help you manage your I.T., so you don’t have to.


Hardware Sales & Service

We support most hardware and are also able to design new IT environments with new hardware. Our partners include large names such as Cisco, HP, Lenovo, Netgear and more. From Servers, Workstations, Laptops to Printers and IP phones, we have you covered. Our team of experts can design your systems, plan for expansions, upgrade existing hardware, repair hardware and more. As such you are always covered and can rest assured that your business will be up and running, regardless of the IT challenges you may have faced in the past. We are your partner in IT and business, ensuring you are set up for success.


Data Backups

Backups are a necessary prevention method. With more and more data becoming digitized, while most data does not even have a physical backup. Most databases reside only on the local server, all company files, same drive, same server. This is a major issue, because of the potential issue of hard drive failures. We have backup solutions available that not only protect your data, but also allow you to switch to a different server should yours crash. With that you are able to minimize your downtime to a couple of minutes instead of waiting for a new server and rebuilding everything, which can take days.



Maintenance of your computer equipment is crucial to ensure reliability, longevity and security. Many computers never get cleaned and don’t have the proper maintenance programs on them to ensure they are running smooth and every piece of hardware is in good health. Most computers fail prematurely due to overheating hardware, because of dust and clogged up fans. Regular maintenance on your hardware and software is important to ensure everything is up to date, running smooth and that your business does not encounter any downtime.

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