Regular IT maintenance is important for any business

Regardless of the industry that you are in or serve, IT maintenance is an important part for a healthy IT environment. Dust amasses on your physical hardware, that has to be cleaned out regularly. If that is not done, you will face premature hardware failures, overheating components, noisy fans and more. As for software, regular updating of the operating system is required. The computers and servers will also have to be cleaned of files that are no longer needed and more. Malware is another issue that, if not regularly maintained can cause you immense problems on all your computers and servers.


Physical Cleaning

Computers, Servers, Network devices and more all have fans. Regardless of the room or environment in, they will require cleaning. We offer exactly these solutions to make sure your equipment is running cool and quiet. This allows better airflow within the chassis, to make sure your equipment lifespan is much longer than if it sat there collecting dust. We can clean a variety of devices and peripherals and will do so on a regular basis, to make sure you do not run into premature failures of your hardware. Depending on the dust in your building, we can customize the maintenance schedule to fit your needs.


Software Maintenance

Many business regularly have to tell customers the following: “Our network is slow today”, or “My computer is extremely slow I have to restart it, please hold on”. This should never be the case, regardless of the network load or number of computers in your building. With regular maintenance, proper system design and early detection of problems, we can mitigate these issues, so you can go on and do your business without any delay. We can help you rely on your IT environment much more, than you may be able to now.



Malware comes in many different forms and has the potential to be very dangerous to any business. From leaking confidential data, exposing customer data, causing you downtime because of pop ups or even locking up your entire network as the newest type of malware “ransomware” likes to do. It is absolutely crucial to protect your business from these threats. We view these threats as a regular maintenance item as they always evolve and we regularly have to update the protection, instead of setting and forgetting it.

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