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Laptops and Tablets are the heartbeat of business, don’t miss your turn.

Business is becoming more and more mobile. From a salesperson accessing all their files wherever they are, to having important documents worked on from multiple locations simultaneously. Laptops and tablets can make exactly that possible. There are obviously different laptops with different capabilities out there, and it can be quite hard to see through their capabilities and decipher what is best. We can are here to be your advisor on exactly those purchases, so you are not left with a device that is not performing for the task you needed it.

Explore our wide variety of Ultrabooks built by Lenovo, HP and Asus


Ultrabooks are great devices for everyone that is on the go. With long lasting batteries, high performance chips and thinner than any laptop has ever been, these units are great. Some ultrabooks come with hinges that allow you to flip the screen over to turn it into a tablet. These features combined with the long battery life, these laptops allow you to do business anywhere you go.

We offer a variety of laptops from Lenovo, Asus and HP


If you are looking for a portable power house, a laptop will be the best solution for you. Laptops are available in a variety of performance options, but are generally bulkier than ultrabooks. If you are looking to run intensive applications on the go, such as AutoCAD, or Photoshop, these devices are the best solution for you. Laptops offer long battery life and such a wide variety of options, that we will make sure to get you the right device for your application.

We offer a variety of tablets from Lenovo, Asus and HP


Tablets are very nice to work with in production environments. Tablets can have the power of a computer at minimal size. Tablets generally have the best battery life of their class, and offer expansions, such as keyboards, projectors and more to make your tablet that much more productive. Tablets are great for on the go, or a environment in which a laptop would be too bulky and a keyboard is not always needed.

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