Has your network seen better days? Ready for a speed boost?

Poor network design is a huge reason why many businesses are experiencing slow networks in peak times. Oftentimes it slows business to a crawl, which should never happen. We have network engineers available that can design blazing fast networks. We can also upgrade your existing network to a faster infrastructure, so you never have to experience these slow speeds again. Slow networks can be the culprit to many IT issues, from slow applications, uncompleted backup jobs, internet access issues, dropped calls and more. Never again will you have to deal with those issues, when we are done with your network.


Network Design

Network design is absolutely crucial to ensure the network will be able to handle all traffic. Before the network is designed we have to know what all will be accessing the network, to ensure we design a fast enough network for the application. Video and voice traffic always has to take priority over other traffic, which might be the reason why you are currently experiencing dropped calls in your office. Regardless of the size of network that you need, we can make sure you are properly set up, and will not have to spend huge money in the future to add more workstations, as required.


Network Maintenance

Networks are just like many highways put together. Regardless of how well the highway is built, it will require to be repaved or the lighting has to be upgraded. Networks are the exact same. There will be bumps in the road for even the smoothest network, that’s why regular preventative maintenance and network analyzers are required to ensure the network is working, and nothing will fail when it shouldn’t. It is much easier to maintain a network than to repair a network. Downtime is always extremely costly, that’s why we are here to prevent that from happening.


High Speed Wireless Networking

With more and more employees bringing their own devices and wireless becoming one of the most used network technologies it is important to have a proper backbone to ensure the wireless network is able to handle all the traffic that will be thrown at it. Many wireless networks are put up without any consideration for the location, amount of clients using the network and so on. All these factors play into an efficient or not so efficient system. We make sure to design your system properly the first time around, so we don’t play catch up when you need it.

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