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Cisco’s Meraki platform is a remotely managed network solutions, that allows for one-click setup, remote management and real time updates. Meraki is a solution that can make your network more secure, smarter and more cost effective. Meraki allows for network analytics to see usage, peak times and even locations. Furthermore, Meraki solutions also come with real time security scanning to detect malicious wireless devices on the network and viruses that are trying to affect your network and computers. All in all, Meraki is a networking solution that is a must have for business, because of its wide range of abilities and real time security features that can save your business without needing any input.


Security Appliances

Meraki’s security appliances are scalable solutions that actively scan and protect your network, while optimizing traffic flow. Whether you run a small organization or an entire campus network, Meraki has a solution that will fit your needs. Meraki’s security appliances are built to protect your network from intruders, viruses and more. The appliances also actively shape traffic accordingly to your currently connected devices, to ensure every device in your business gets the bandwidth it needs. Instant protection, advanced VPN solutions and high availability is what Meraki’s MX appliances are built for.


Wireless Networking

While wireless network is convenient and seemingly everywhere, wireless networking is a very insecure form of a network. A simple bruteforce attack can cause your network to be breached and risk all the devices on your network. Meraki offers advanced access points that not only provide faster connections and more coverage per access point, but also actively protect your network. Meraki’s access points scan your network for so-called rouge access points, which are access points that have been added to the network and should not be there. This is just a single part of all the vulnerabilities that Meraki’s access points protect you from.


Cloud Managed Communications

Communications have long been lagged behind the times with analog telephone lines and fax lines still dominating the landscape. Meraki’s cloud managed communications change exactly that. From instant commissioning of phones to monitoring your network for the optimal performance of your VOIP communications. Meraki also brings the benefit of not needing any on site devices other than the phone, so it is a fully cloud managed solution. Enjoy enterprise level communications within your business with a small business investment.

Cisco Meraki MX Appliances

Nowadays every workplace has interconnected and networked devices. Small businesses may be offering free WiFi to their guests, and a few computers, printers and phones may all be interconnected via the local network on site. Unfortunately the traditional network topology will usually have a variety of security leaks that can cause detrimental damage to your data and confidentiality of data. With Meraki’s MX security appliances, all these security issues are a thing of the past. Meraki offers a browser based Dashboard from which all devices can be monitored, while the devices actively keep your network secured. The MX appliances come with a stateful firewall,integrated easy to commission VPN solutions, 3G/4G failover and active traffic shaping amongst a multitude of other features. The Advanced Security licenses also combine web search and content filtering, anti-virus and antiphishing solutions, as well as intrusion detection and prevention to the offerings of the Meraki appliance. These solutions will ensure the security of your network 24×7 without requiring any input. If any issues are detected, the I.T. department or your I.T. provider will be alerted to ensure they are aware of the issue and can attend to it right then and there.

Cisco Meraki MR Access Points

With the rise of BYOD (Bring your own Device), employees may unintentionally be creating what is called a rouge access point. These access points cause a major security leak as they may provide insecure or less secure access to your network. Meraki’s MR access point solutions provide the answer to this issue, by scanning for rogue access points on your network and providing you with real time information about the problem. Furthermore Meraki’s access points come with advanced traffic shaping features to ensure every device is allotted enough network speed for a seamless end-user experience. Meraki’s MR access points are built for high coverage and high speeds to handle large venues with ease. Real time analytics provide you with real time information about all the devices connecting to your network, the content that is pushed through your network and any security issues that may be arising from the traffic on your networks. A dedicated guest network will also ensure to secure your network from unauthorized access while providing your guests with a high-speed internet experience. Meraki also allows for a Facebook and splash page integration to promote your products or your social media for all the users logging onto your guest network.

Cisco Meraki MSS Switches

Switches are the backbone of every large network and can be costly to maintain with issues that may arise at the remotest of locations, which will result in a costly service call. Meraki does away with all these service calls, enabling virtual port stacking and real time troubleshooting from anywhere in the world. Running multi location business networks with locations all around the globe has become easier than ever with instant commissioning of switches, remote troubleshooting via Meraki’s browser based dashboard, easy VLAN provisioning and Voice and Video QoS solutions to get the crisp sound and image you need to do business. Meraki didn’t stop at the software level, they also revolutionized the hardware with hot swappable fans and power supplies, multi gigabit interfaces and blazing fast stacking of switches.

Cisco Meraki MC Communication Solutions

Zero infrastructure on site, other than your phone. That is the magic of Meraki’s MC series of cloud communications. The devices can instantly be commissioned via the secure and easy to use browser based dashboard. Their MC74 phone provides a large and easy to use touchscreen interface, which not only looks extremely sleek, but also allows for the display of contact pictures and is interactive. No infrastructure is required on site, which makes management a breeze, saves space and if integrated with other Meraki networking solutions optimizes the network traffic, so your phone service is always crisp and reliable as ever.

Cisco Meraki Mobility Management

Cisco Meraki’s Mobility Management tools are enterprise level security solutions for all of your devices. The Mobility Management solution is designed to enroll all of your businesses smartphones, tablets and computers. The solution also revolutionizes the rising BYOD (Bring your own Device) movement at the workplace. Traditionally BYOD has massively increased the risk of security leaks on your network and the availability of data across all devices has cost the security of that data. Do away with these major security leaks by employing Mobility Management on all devices that your organization owns and uses. With Mobility Management devices can be remotely provisioned for encryption enforcement, remote wipe and integrated network access control. Furthermore your Mobility Management can be integrated with your existing security appliances and access points to ensure only secured devices are joining your networks, jail-broken devices are automatically restricted to the guest network and you will get real time location analytics to ensure your devices are secure every step of the way. Finally, Mobility Management also allows for 24x7x365 device monitoring via the secure and easy to use browser based Meraki Dashboard.

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