We offer a variety of power distribution and backup solutions, such as UPS, Surge protectors and more.

Power Outage = Data Loss? Not anymore!

No matter the size of your business, your data is the heartbeat of your company. Whether it’s as simple as a few emails, or as much as booking data, confidential data and so much more. Regardless of the data volume that you have, a power outage or loss can cause the data that you’re currently working on to be completely wiped out. In a business environment, this is completely unacceptable and every step should be taken to avoid exactly those issues. With power backup and distribution solution, you not only provide your devices with backup power in case the power goes out, but also with added protection from power surges. These power distribution units also equalize the power, so you don’t get varying voltage levels all across the board, prolonging the longevity of your devices.


Power Backup (UPS)

A Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) will charge while the power is on and will fail over onto its internal battery to provide power for all the attached devices in the event that the power fails. Every piece of networking equipment, servers and all other devices for which up-time is critical should be connected to a UPS. There are different models available, depending on the devices that you are connecting to the device. Selecting the right UPS for the task depends on the amount of power your devices use, and how long you want those devices to be up and running for.


Power Distribution (PDU)

Power Distribution units are essentially power bars. These units allow you to connect multiple devices to a single receptacle. With a normal power bar these units could be affected by power surges or lightning strikes. But with a Power Distribution unit we ensure that you have surge protection with an adequate warranty built in. Not only will this protect your devices, but in the case that your devices should be affected by a surge, the manufacturer will pay to replace all your devices, some added peace of mind that your surge protectors will work at the highest level possible.


Power Equalization

When electricity arrives at your building from the grid, the power is so-called dirty power. It’s called dirty-power because the voltage levels, power levels and frequency of the electricity are fluctuating. Since all devices are built to function at a certain voltage, such as your computer at 120V, your laptop are 19V and so on, this dirty power can cause surges within your systems. All units are designed to accept varying voltage levels, but sometimes these levels are out of the range that device can accept. Also if the device does not have to equalize the power itself, it prolongs its useful life. Power equalizers can do exactly that for your business.

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