Servers are the backbone to most business IT. That’s why they need to be managed and protected properly.

Servers are extremely versatile, and as such have become very essential. Servers can house data, such as documents, pictures and more. Beyond that servers can also run applications and house their databases. Servers have become such a backbone to the business IT infrastructure, that they route network traffic and handle all the credentials that people use to log in. Quite frankly if a server crashes it can be a severe aftermath. We work with a variety of partners, and are able to get the right server for each and every application. We have Microsoft certified experts on staff to ensure the proper management of your servers and have a 24 hour help desk to make sure no issues go unnoticed, and if you are having troubles you can contact us at any time.

Authorized Security provides and manages exchange servers, and also provides Office 365 for hosted exchange solutions.

Exchange Mail Servers

Business runs on communications. If your email or phone is down, you can’t run your business and customers cannot get a hold of you. Exchange servers are Microsoft’s email server application. It allows for the management of email accounts, contacts, calendars and more. Availability is key on these servers, as your email should never come to a halt. We have the necessary expertise to ensure your hardware and software are configured correctly and working as they should.

Authorized Security provides highly specialized application servers from Lenovo, HP and more

Application Servers

Your business runs on special software applications? In many cases servers will provide the essential information to the application or the application runs on the server altogether. Either way a very reliable and fast network is required for applications like this, but the servers have to be up for the task as well. We offer expert solutions to administer servers within your business to ensure availability and business continuity.

Authorized Security provides file servers and NAS solutions from QNAP, Lenovo, HP, Netgear and more.

File Servers

Your files are your everything, but are they safe? Servers oftentimes handle all the data that is required for you to run your business. Having that server go down during business hours can be detrimental to your operations. We can ensure that your server is configured correctly and built in a way that it can handle all the traffic that you can throw at it. Data arrays can be hard to manage, that’s why we ensure the correct configuration from day one.

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