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Software is the key to productivity, but can also hinder it.

Having the right software for the task is key to ensuring that your business runs smooth, all transactions are logged and more. Software could be so necessary that you can’t even run your business without the software, in the case of AutoCAD or Adobe products. Regardless of your situation, having your software run quickly and efficiently is key to having your business up and running. We have partnered with a variety of software manufacturers to provide you with the right software for the task. Software is not only about the right software for the task, it is just as essential to have the right hardware for the task. We offer a wide range of servers, workstations and laptops, as well as networking equipment to ensure your businesses smooth operation.


Productivity Software

We can securely protect your data and keep it off-site as well. Depending your backup requirements we are able to provide data-centers within Canada and even within Calgary or Toronto locally. Your backups will all be funneled to the remote location. In case of a fire or flood, you are able to access your data right from the data center. These data centers also employ the highest standard of security on site to ensure your data is stored safely within. Eliminate worries about storing your data off site, and enjoy the ability to fail over onto your data center in case of a disaster. You don’t have to close your doors because of hardware failures anymore.


Content Creation

Traditionally a server failure meant that all the data would have to be recovered via the internet or sent back to your location from the data center. Either way you are stuck waiting until we can spin up your server again. Instead of waiting we have a better solution for you: Get right back to work. Our local appliance fail overs keep a copy of your data and operating system locally on site. Should your server fail, we are able to switch onto the fail over appliance and get your network and IT environment right back to its original state. We will then restore your original server and switch you back to your original network over night.


Custom Applications

Instead of days or weeks, depending on the data volume that you keep, we are talking minutes. If your server crashes, it barely gives your employees an excuse to go get a coffee, because the entire office will be back up and running before they can brew some coffee. Your entire server will be running on a local machine, while we are restoring your original server back to its top form. Hardware failures are never fun, but with our solutions we can make sure you don’t have much to worry about. Get in touch with us today and find out how easy it is to get a backup solution set up for your business.

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