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Here’s what you can expect from us when we install your new security equipment

Hiring a contractor can be stressful. Having to worry whether the installers are trustworthy and whether they will wreck your building. We try to alleviate you of all these worries. When we arrive on site, we will do a walk through of your building, ensuring we are on the same page for all the items that are to be installed. We will also request access to all areas that we may need to get access to, as well as running through all the paperwork that has to be completed, such as monitoring agreements and service agreements. Our installation procedures are designed to interrupt your work-day as little as possible. After all, our solutions are designed to make your business run more smooth, and that starts with the installation.

When we initially arrive in the morning, we will perform a walk through and confirm all the installations locations. We will also request access to all the areas that we might need access to. Our technicians will also collect all the information required for our internal processes.
When installing our equipment, there may be some paperwork attached to the install. Monitoring agreements, Maintenance agreements and more will all be completed before we commence the installation. You will receive an emailed copy right away.
We will install all the equipment as discussed. We understand that you have a business to run, and as such we have trained our technicians to ensure that we are as undisruptive as possible to your work environment.
Once everything is installed, we will of course show you how to use all your new equipment as well. Having state of the art security solutions, and not knowing how to use them doesn't help you much. We have designed online tutorials for future reference and will walk through all the functions and features of the solution we installed in person with you.
Cleaning up is just as important as staying out of your way during the day. We will treat your location as if it was our own, and will ensure that everything is as clean as it was found before. Yet another guarantee that we offer to our customers, because our solutions are built to help your business and not set you back.
You're Secured
You're Secured
Congrats, you now have your security solutions completely installed and ready to secure your building. We are also ready to help you with any help that you may need, or any future additions because your security system has helped your business just that much.

Our Guarantees for your Installation



When waiting for a contractor to show up, getting a time window that they often don’t hold themselves to, can be very painful. We will give you a set time and will make sure to arrive 10-15 minutes early. This way you don’t have to wait around for us to show up, which is part of our non-disruptive guarantee.



Nothing is more frustrating than having tools all over, garbage from left over wires and someone running into you, ever step you take. Running a business means you need free reign to do what you need to. Our guarantee is that we will keep out of your way as much as we can. We will clean up after ourselves, even during the install and will ensure that no safety hazards arise from your employees having to crawl under ladders or tripping over wires.



Even during the install we will make sure that we clean up after ourselves, in order to preserve a safe and clean work environment for both you and us. When we are done the install, we will ensure to clean all areas that we have worked in. You won’t even know we did an installation for you, until you look at your new equipment.



Learning a new technology can be very frustrating. Security equipment is part of that conundrum. We will walk you through all your new equipment and will sit with you until you are 100% sure you are ready to use the equipment. If you have any questions in the future we are only a single call away, and our online tutorials can also help you paint a better understanding of something that you may have forgotten over time.



Our technicians are trained on a regular basis to know the equipment inside out. Our guarantee is that your equipment will be installed by technicians that know the equipment, how to properly install it and can explain every user function to you. Having a knowledgeable crew on site is very important to us, so we can ensure you get a proper installation and the best treatment possible.

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