Medical Marijuana Facilities
Medical Marijuana Facilities

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Medical Marijuana Facilities

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Medical Marijuana Facilities


Medical Marijuana Facilities

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Medical Marijuana Facilities

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Medical Marijuana Facilities

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Solutions for Medical Marijuana Facilities

Medical Marijuana Facilities are highly regulated by the government, whether provincial or federal. When constructing these facilities, many security and I.T. factors have to be kept in mind during the design and installation. We ensure that our solutions meet or exceed the regulations, while still being practical for the facility. Many solutions are integrated to meet the rules set forth by the authorities, but the investment is in turn not worth it for the actual end-user. Our solutions are designed with the facilities needs put first, and then fact-checked with the government regulations as a secondary factor. We provide a large variety of services that can be beneficial for growing operations, dispensaries, transportation and more. From security solutions, such as access control, video surveillance and alarm monitoring. To I.T. solutions, including networking, workstations and automation platforms.

Access Control Solutions for Daycare and Preschool Centers

The regulations for Marijuana facilities state that an access control system will have to be installed on the premises. An important aspect of the system is that the employees of the facility will have to be identified through the access control system. This calls for both, printed ID badges, as well as pictures uploaded to the database or a linkage with the video surveillance system. Not only will these solutions fulfill all government requirements, but they will also help the business be more easily controlled and secured.

Biometric Access Control

Marijuana is a sought after commodity. Security for growing, storage and dispensary facilities is of utter importance. With Biometric solutions, not only is the identity of the person entering verified, but it also makes for a more secure environment and easy access. Biometrics, such as fingerprint or iris scans are very convenient, as they do not require the employee to grab a keycard. Without the chance of losing the ID, and the readily available fingerprint or iris, biometrics are less costly over time and more easily used.

ID Cards

ID cards are great, as they can be encoded with the access credentials, as well as printed with an image of the owner and the employing company. With a quick glance, a user can be identified by their ID card. Identity cards have to be worn visibly, which means they will be readily available and easily scanned on access scanners. The printed image will also make it more complicated for unauthorized personnel to access the site. Having the picture of a different person on an ID card will be very obvious and will result in the easier capture of intruders.

Integrated Systems

Integrated systems are a great solution for any business. They allow for multiple solutions, such as Access Control, Video Surveillance and Alarm Systems to be integrated into one central system. Not only does this improve the convenience and ease of use of the system, but it also allows for unique features that would otherwise not be possible. The legislation for Cannabis growing and dispensary facilities states that: “A record must be made of the identity of every person entering or exiting the areas where cannabis is present”. With an integrated system, the access and video surveillance systems can be connected to each other. This allows for the system to take a snapshot from a camera and create an event every time an access card is swiped. Instead of now trying to find different time slots in two systems, everything is collected locally and can be viewed at the click of a button.

Door Security & Integration

Protecting the perimeter and the areas where cannabis is present is important. Door and perimeter security are essential in protecting the operation and fulfilling the government legislation. We offer a wide range of locking and perimeter security devices. With perimeter security solutions, such as fence cutting and vibration detection systems, as well as automated gates, we can ensure that any property is protected at all times. For doors, we offer solutions for single or double doors, as well as overhead doors. Whether the requirement is a locking device or an automated access system, we have the right solution for the job, to protect all the buildings.

Burglarly/Fire Alarm Solutions for Daycare and Preschool Centers

With break-ins on the rise and the commodity to be protected is cannabis, an alarm system is a necessity. We provide both burglary and fire alarm solutions to cover all the required monitoring under the same roof. We are also familiar with all the government legislation set forth, to ensure our alarm systems are not just designed to keep burglars out, but also to fulfill the government requirements. Our systems are easy to use, monitored 24-7 and integrate into our other systems to provide a fully integrated security solution for any facility.

Burlgarly Alarm Systems

Burglary alarms need to be carefully designed and installed. Our installations are all done to the highest standards to ensure the security of the property, while we also utilize sensors that are designed to minimize false alarm events. Alarm systems can become a nuisance if there are too many false alarms, that’s why we ensure to install reliable products that reduce those events. Beyond that our systems are designed to accommodate any size facility with the capability to individually arm sections of the building at any given time.

Fire Monitoring Systems

Most standalone buildings will require fire panels and sprinklers for the detection and prevention of fire. These panels do not provide monitoring to a central station, which is where we come in. Our fire monitoring solutions are designed to integrate into any fire panel and will reliably provide alerts about fires, troubles and other issues with the fire system. In a standalone building, we can provide both fire and burglarly monitoring, which minimizes the monthly bill you are paying and Authorized Security will be your sole point of contact for both solutions, minimizing administration effort.

High Security Areas

In case of medical alerts or intrusions, personal panic or alert devices can immediately dispatch the required authorities. These devices are designed to be panic buttons on desks or integrated into necklaces, bracelets and more. Upon the press of a button the authorities are dispatched, without alerting a potential intruder. These solutions maximize security of the staff and children at the daycare, while also providing peace of mind that someone is watching in case of a medical emergency.


Our alarm system products can integrate into the access control and video surveillance products on site, giving you a single interface of all of the above. Not only will control over these devices be easier with one central interface, but your security will be much more effective with the integrated solutions. Allowing for the capture of a snapshot of every person entering that can be pulled up via the access control logs, as well as snapshots of the person that disarmed the alarm system in the morning. These integrations can be extremely powerful and best of all, easy to use.

Audio/Visual Solutions for Daycare and Preschool Centers

Daycare and Preschool Centers are learning environments for children of varying ages. Technology is of ever increasing importance for learning environments, with audio and visual products being the most important factor of these learning technologies. We offer a wide variety of audio and video products that can help design the perfect learning environment for the children at the facility. From standalone speakers and video solutions to fully integrated A.V. solutions that are versatile and easy to use.

Video Solutions

From projectors to mounted T.V.’s and signage displays, we have the right products for the job. In an educational environment information and scheduling are key. With our video products conveying all necessary information and even holding lessons on screen will become a breeze. With the vast offerings of displays and projectors, the choice can be hard if you’re looking to get the right device for the job. We can work with you and analyze your needs to get the best product at the best price to you. For digital signage solutions, we have the right software and products to build single displays, up to entire video walls, allowing you to bring your message across in an impressive format.

Audio Solutions

Single room audio, or distributed audio across all rooms, we can help. Audio solutions are oftentimes a requirement for daycare and preschool centers. Our distributed audio solutions allow for each room to be controlled independently, while each room can have a different input device, such as a networked media player or a personal device located in the room. This allows for teachers and staff to play music from their personal devices, stream it from internet radio sources or select from any pre-loaded music, right from an app or a touchscreen. Entertaining children with music has never been easier.

Integrated A.V. Solutions

Is your staff wheeling a T.V. on a stand with a DVD player into the room, attempting to find a receptacle and then struggling to control it? Integrated A.V. solutions come to the rescue with easy to use interfaces and selection of sources. At the touch of a button, a projector can be turned on, a screen can be extended from the ceiling and the correct source (movie, television, etc.) starts playing. Minimizing the need for wheeling around T.V.’s will allow the staff to watch the children and will take the frustration of using the T.V. off their shoulders. Our integrated A.V. solutions are extremely scalable allowing for single zone solutions up to 256 different rooms and sources.


From T.V. mounts to projector screens and even cables, we carry a vast variety to ensure all of your devices are securely mounted and maybe even hidden if required. From basic equipment, to high security equipment for high value devices, we carry the right products for the job. When installing an A.V. project, we will ensure to provide every required item for the project. We also offer a large variety of power conditioning/backup and structure wiring devices that will not only protect your equipment, but also ensure that all wiring is concealed and every required connection is readily accessible but also protected.

Networking and I.T. Solutions for Daycare and Preschool Centers

Daycare and Preschool Centers are learning environments for children of varying ages. Technology is of ever increasing importance for learning environments, with audio and visual products being the most important factor of these learning technologies. We offer a wide variety of audio and video products that can help design the perfect learning environment for the children at the facility. From standalone speakers and video solutions to fully integrated A.V. solutions that are versatile and easy to use.

Networking Solutions

Networks are more and more important, with wireless traffic surpassing wired traffic in many locations. As such there is a requirement for reliable and cost effective wireless solutions. With network engineers and designers on staff we can design the network you need with devices that you may not have even considered. With this approach we can design a cost effective, yet highly reliable network for you. Security is of utmost importance for physical and wireless networks, as such our solutions come with a variety of security solutions built in to ensure your environment is secure from day one.

Server Solutions

Servers are needed to save all operational documents, allow for better device security and maybe even to host emails. We offer a variety of server solutions to provide you with a cost-effective and reliable server right from the start. Our partner Lenovo has the highest up-time of any server manufacturer, and also offers state of the art warranties along with these servers should anything ever go wrong. We not only provide the hardware, but can also provide the software for the servers, from the operating system (Windows or Linux) to required applications for your environment.

Workstation/Tablet Solutions

With the revolution the tablet has brought to many industries, childcare and education are industries that can also benefit from the use of tablets. We offer a large variety of tablets with Android or Windows operating systems. Regardless of the application you need a tablet for, we can provide it. For desktop workstations, we can also provide desktop computers and all required peripherals to make your I.T. environment ready for success. From single tablet solutions to entire charging carts and more, we can provide it all and more.

Printing Solutions

Whether you are printing colouring sheets, invoices or attendance logs, you want a reliable and cost effective printing solution. We offer a wide range of printers that will serve you reliably, while using affordable, high-yield supplies. Whether you are looking for a large format central workstation, or a small desktop printer, we can outfit your environment with the right solution for the job. From colour and black/white printing, to fully functional multi-function printers, we carry it all. Our supplier partnerships also allow us to get all necessary supplies for the printers we sell, so we can install and maintain all the solutions we offer.

Power and Backup Solutions

Power is one of the least thought of requirements for devices, until it goes out. Regular power coming from your receptacles can be very “dirty”. Dirty power can cut your device life much shorter, than originally intended. We recommend power conditioning equipment for each and every device that will be plugged into a wall outlet. Whether it may be a T.V. or a computer. For data sensitive devices we take it a step further and recommend power backup solutions that will continue running, even if power fails at the location. All power backed up devices should also be backed up by a separate backup service to ensure the data integrity in case of a power failure or worse, a hardware crash.

Maintenance Solutions

Regular maintenance is an utter requirement of the longevity and reliability of any I.T. environment. Whether there are outstanding issues that need to be resolved, or the devices themselves need to be cleaned regularly, we recommend a regular visit every 3 to 6 months, depending on the environment and size of the installation. Regular cleaning, updating, auditing and logging of all device activity is important for any I.T. environment. We will come by to ensure your environment is functioning as it should, at all times.

Structured Cabling Solutions for Daycare and Preschool Centers

Getting the right cable to the correct location is extremely important. When building a new facility, future-proofing with structure cabling is where we can help you with. There may not be any money available to add digital signage displays to a certain area, but the location can be pre-wired to accommodate the digital display in the future, saving you money down the road and making the install much easier with the wiring already run. We will ensure to future-proof your building, to minimize the work required to perform upgrades later on.

Audio/Video Cabling

Audio and Video signals need the right wire to properly transport the signal across your building. HDMI wires need to be rated to be run in-wall, in order to protect the signal that the wire is transporting. There are varying standards for HDMI cables as well that are used for different applications. The standard needs to be matched to the application. For audio wiring, the correct gauge of wiring needs to be used for the type of speaker and type of system that will be installed. We use Honeywell’s Genesis Cable which is one of the highest grade cables available. Honeywell offers a wide range of cables for almost every application.

Network Cabling

Networks are the most important part of any I.T. environment. With daycare and preschool centers relying more and more on a stable network infrastructure. We offer a variety of Category 5 and Category 6 cabling for reliable networks, and carry all of the required products to properly terminate each connection. All of our network cabling is built to surpass all standards, and will provide you with long lasting network service.

Alarm System Pre-Wire

Alarm systems need to be properly wired in order to allow for reliable detection of intruders. We can pre-wire for all types of sensors and communicators to allow for effective and reliable communications and installation. Our cables are guaranteed to be the right cable for the job, and will work reliably over the lifetime of the alarm system. Many installations are not done up to par, without the right cabling. Alarm components may fail prematurely or seize to work due to failed wiring. With our structured cabling solutions we can ensure that your alarm system will work reliably for a long time.

Structured Cabling Accessories

Face plates, connectors, patch panels and more, we can provide it all. Our installs are paired with the correct termination pieces, to ensure ease of use and access to your wiring connections. All of our connectors and face plates are designed to fit with your current decor and will accommodate the correct connectors for the job. We can make sure to meet all your termination requirements, and will keep wiring standards across the entire location to minimize interference, maximize performance and provide an all around reliable solution.

Video Surveillance Solutions for Daycare and Preschool Centers

Video surveillance is an important part of security and accountability for daycare and preschool centers. High definition cameras, easy to use surveillance software and a reliable infrastructure are a must for these facilities. Covering every angle is vital to ensure no unauthorized personnel enters the facilities, and to ensure the safety of all children within. Recorded video can help keep staff accountable, and can be used for any legal situations that may arise. Video surveillance can be beneficial to both parents and the center itself, by providing a clear image of every moment.

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