Our partnerships, to serve you better

We have many industry partnerships, to make sure we can provide you with the right product, at the right price. These partnerships allow us to source better products,  get exclusive services and pass on the savings that we get. See below for information on the partnerships we have.


Lenovo is a computer and server manufacturer, famous for their ThinkServer and ThinkPad devices. With unbeatable manufacturer warranties and pristine quality products, Lenovo is our preferred server manufacturer for surveillance and access control applications. Lenovo offers products to outfit entire organizations with well-built computers, laptops and infrastructure. Get the highest reliability ranked servers available on the market.


Cisco is the manufacturer of choice for high end networking solutions. Cisco sets the standard for many networking solutions and has been an industry leader for many years. Cisco offers products such as routers, switches, wireless networking infrastructure, IP telephony, video conferencing and network security devices.


Meraki is a Cisco company, offering networking and IP telephony equipment. The significance of Meraki’s products is their remote management capabilities, allowing us to change settings on your equipment remotely, without having to come to your site. These cloud management interfaces also allow for network monitoring, allowing us to identify issues and respond before they become an actual problem on your network. Guest access is also made easier through these interfaces, since all guest traffic is actively managed and segregated from your business network.


HP is a manufacturer of computers, servers, networking hardware and printers. HP offers advanced network solutions, such as switches and wireless access points. HP also provides Desktops, Laptops and Servers that offer high reliability and up time.


Xerox is a printer, scanner and software manufacturer. Xerox’s products are extremely reliable and span from desktop printers to high volume office printers and even entire production presses for large production environments. Xerox also offers a wide array of software that allows for ease of use of all their hardware, while helping to organize entire document libaries.


Axis is a premier camera manufacturer, leading the IP surveillance video field. Axis manufactures cameras, accessories and has software available for video surveillance. Axis has a camera for any application. Axis also offers a vast range of warranties and video analytics.


Hikvision is a surveillance camera and NVR manufacturer. Hikvision offers high quality products for a very reasonable price. With industry leading products, such as 4K cameras and up to 128 channel NVRs, Hikvision’s products are a great solution for most surveillance projects.

Milestone Systems

Milestone Systems offers software solutions for surveillance systems. Milestone has products that span from small business to city wide surveillance coverage. Milestone is the market leading company for video analytics and high end surveillance software solutions.


Honeywell is a manufacturer of alarm systems and video surveillance products. Honeywell is our manufacturer of choice for all alarm systems that we install. Honeywell is known for their high quality products and innovative solutions. With a proprietary wireless frequency and a leading force in the security industry, Honeywell is a market leader.


As a premier manufacturer of access control devices that are designed and manufactured in the US, Sielox is one of our partners for access control solutions. Sielox offers scalable solutions for any access control environment, that are robust and very easy to use. Sielox promises high quality equipment and innovative solutions to boost security within your building.


Kantech is an access control provider that offers scalable solutions that can be integrated with DSC alarm panels. Kantech is a widely used access control product range that promises quality and reliability. Kantech solutions can be integrated with video surveillance in order to provide an advanced access control system for your building.


Netgear is a premier network solution manufacturer. Netgear provides networking solutions from residential to service provider levels. With innovative wireless networking equipment, high end switching solutions, network security and NAS servers, Netgear produces a high quality product that is backed by lifetime warranties.

Elan Home Systems

Elan Home Systems is a business and home automation manufacturer. Elans’ systems provide an intuitive user interface and drivers for a large variety of devices, for Elan to be integrated into a large variety of systems. Elan allows for the control of security, audio, video, climate control, lighting and so much more from the same interface. Programming entire events that can be launched at the touch of a button. Indulge in convenience, ease of use and total comfort.


Axcient is a backup solution provider with a Recovery as a Service business model. If your local server fails, Axcient is able to spin up another local server and have you up and running within minutes. Should your building be destroyed by fire, or another force of nature, your entire environment is still live in the cloud. This allows you to access your files from anywhere through the cloud, and also run your business from the cloud if disaster strikes.


Babytel is our solution provider of cloud hosted IP telephony and SIP trunking. Babytel has unsurpassed service offerings and high reliability communication infrastructures, that allow you to rely on your IP phones day in, day out. With the unbeatable service offering of one free phone per line that is signed up with them, you basically get free phone service for 6 months.


Highfive is our partner of choice for video conferencing solutions. Highfive provides a very easy to use and very affordable video conferencing solution. Their products are innovative and their support is unbeatable. We fully trust them with our customers and our own video conferencing needs.


Fortinet is a network security equipment manufacturer. With Fortinet products you can ensure that your network infrastructure is protected as best as possible. Fortinet has also increased their product offerings to include IP telephony solutions, that provide a very reliable IP infrastructure for your business.


Elo has long pioneered the Point of Sale space with easy to use and reliable touchscreen and computer products. Elo offers a range of products, from touchscreens, all-in-one computers, digital signage to integrated point of sale solutions. We have chosen Elo as our partner for our innovative point of sale solutions.


Bose is a well known audio product manufacturer. Bose is known for their high quality sound and well built products. From residential home theater sound to commercial sound systems, Bose has it all. With Bose, you know the quality of product that you will receive.


Aruba is well known for their high end campus networking solutions. Providing a  very stable and controlled wireless solution to the end user as well as the administrators. With a myriad of control factors for all of their access points, wireless networking has never been more optimized or secure.


Cradlepoint manufactures solutions that provide fail over solutions for networks. Should your primary internet connection fail, Cradlepoints products will automatically switch to a wireless network that will keep your network running until the issue with the primary network is resolved. Cradlepoint also provides networking solutions for small kiosk applications and vehicles.

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