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Founded in 1984 as a company called Legend, Lenovo was born in 2003 when Legend was preparing to expand overseas. In 2005 Lenovo purchased IBM’s personal computer business, making it the third largest computer manufacturer in the world. Lenovo has since made a variety of acquisitions, such as Motorola, IBM’s server business and EMC2. Lenovo has made a name for themselves as a leader for portable computers and server solutions. With a 99.999% uptime Lenovo’s ThinkServer products are the right solution for small to enterprise businesses, requiring server solutions. Lenovo’s Think branded products are a remnant from the IBM era and provide the same quality and reliability that was expected from IBM. Lenovo constantly keeps improving upon their existing devices. From consumer grade tablets and computers to robust business laptops, servers and storage arrays, Lenovo has it all.

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Lenovo Servers

Lenovo has a wide variety of Tower, Rack and Blade servers. After the purchase of IBM’s server business, Lenovo acquired the xSystem brand from IBM with it. Lenovo now offers Thinkservers, BladeCentres and xSystem Servers that are all known for their excellent build quality and unsurpassed reliability. Lenovo’s machines are highly customizable allowing for most systems to be suited to any application you can throw at it. With an average uptime of 99.999% Lenovo’s servers are extremely reliable and well built power houses. Lenovo also offers a variety of external storage solutions, such as Network Attached Storage, Direct Attached Storage, Storage Area Networks and Tape Drive solutions for backups. Whether you are looking for a reliable small business server, or need to outfit a large data center, Lenovo is your best choice for server solutions.

Lenovo Laptops

Lenovo provides a wide variety of Laptops for students, home users and business users. Lenovo’s laptop ranges include the ThinkPad series, the IdeaPad series, and the Yoga laptops. With a wide variety of devices, Lenovo can provide the right laptop for every application. From very affordably priced Chromebooks to the high end, rugged, high performance ThinkPad laptops. The Yoga line is a range of laptops providing the capability to turn the device into a tablet by flipping the screen 180 degrees, so it lies flat along the bottom of the computer, making it both a tablet and laptop in one. The Yoga series is exceptional, due to its design, but also the processing power and storage solutions it brings with it. All of Lenovo’s Think branded products are tested rigorously by Lenovo themselves to pass military spec testing, see more here.

Lenovo Tablets

Lenovo offers a very versatile range of tablets. From small android powered tablets to the 12 inch Miix 700 tablet running Windows 10 and blowing some similar priced laptops out of the water. Lenovo offers an amazing build quality and very reliable products, which we learn over and over, with every single Lenovo product that we sell. With the newest addition of the Lenovo X1 Tablet, Lenovo has yet again surpassed what it meant to have a tablet. The X1 is capable of some very powerful processing and also allows for attachments to be added to the tablet. These attachments allow for the tablet to have additional ports and more battery life, or to become a full blown projector. Regardless of the application you need a tablet for, the X1 is most likely rugged enough and versatile enough for your application.

Lenovo Workstations/Desktops

Workstations, desktops and All-in-one computers are great for offices, demanding applications, and monitoring applications. Lenovo’s lineup of reliable workstations, desktops and All-ine-ones is a very impressive one. From the average home computer to a full blown powerhouse for graphic and video design applications, Lenovo carries it all. Lenovo’s Tiny series offers full blown desktop power at a height, smaller than that of a golf ball. The Tiny desktops are also an extremely affordable and attractive solution for offices. Lenovo’s all-in-one desktop solutions are also very attractive and sleek computers, that are very configurable, allowing for powerful applications or for affordability. Regardless what you are looking for, Lenovo has the right computer for you.

Lenovo Extended Warranties

Lenovo’s reliable product line up is even further enhanced ban impressive lineup of extended warranties, that cover every aspect of your computer or server, even accidental damage. These warranties are extremely affordable and offer features such as same day service, battery protection, accidental damage protection and more. When purchasing a Lenovo product you are looking for a reliable business machine, that will never let you down. Should the machine ever go down, for any reason whatsoever, Lenovo will be able to send out a technician to either repair, or replace the device right then and there. Instead of having to send a faulty device to the depot and wait to get it back, you get your device replaced within a few hours. Extended warranties have never been this affordable and dependable.

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