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Sielox is a manufacturer of access control and crisis management solutions based in New Jersey. Sielox started in 1979 as Sielox Systems in California, and through a purchase in 2012 relocated to New Jersey. Sielox prides itself as a 35+ year old startup company, offering innovative products that are constantly improved upon. Sielox’s Pinnacle software paired with the 1700 controller allows for robust, large scale access control solutions. With more than 250,000 controllers sold and installed, Sielox continues to lead the access control industry. In 2013 Sielox released a Crisis Management system, named Sielox Class. In the light of the increasing school shootings, Sielox has manufactured a solution that allows first responders to see the status of certain rooms right on their tablet, so first responders no longer have to enter the building, blindly walking into harms way. Features go beyond a dynamic map with email and text alerts, two way chat between rooms and paging solutions built right in. Finally Sielox also provides a light weight, browser based access control solution with Sielox AnyWare. Sielox AnyWare is an easy to use plug and play access control system that allows changes on the fly via any browser supported device, such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop. AnyWare is a very affordable solution for small to midsize business, looking for enterprise scale access control solutions.

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Sielox 1700 Controller

The Sielox 1700 controller is a 32-bit access control controller, with enough processing power for real time processing and state of the art reliability. The AC-1700 controller can be daisy chained via IP connection, making communications blazing fast and allowing for easy installation of multiple controllers, no matter the building size. Sielox maintains a variety of industry partnerships to ensure the compatibility with a variety of access control readers, such as HID, Allegion and more. The 1700 controller also allows for biometric readers to be attached to the system, so regardless the application, Sielox has you covered with their access control solutions.

Sielox Pinnacle

Pinnacle is a widely recognized event management software. Pinnacle allows for greater control over your buildings security with the ability to address current needs and the flexibility to be scalable for future needs. Sielox’s Pinnacle software is a great solution for large campuses with a multitude of access points, down to small offices. The software is available in a variety of editions to match the needs of every organization. Pinnacle brings enterprise level features to every organization, and allows for unlimited users. Pinnacle’s edition range from 8 doors to an unlimited number of doors, with the professional version. Ease of use is Pinnacle’s final feat. It offers a very easy to use web interface that allows for management of the entire access control environment. Pinnacle offers a variety of features, such as elevator control, parking control, picture ID badges and integration for video surveillance solutions.

Sielox AnyWare

AnyWare is the answer to the ever expanding mobile market. Business is increasingly done on the go, and the need for remote management is on the rise. AnyWare is a small plug and play controller that is easily installed and will bring the control of the entire access control system to any browser enabled device, such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop. AnyWare allows for alarm and door management right from the palm of your hand. With support for up to 40 door and 25,000 users, AnyWare is the answer for many small to medium size businesses, that are looking for a cost effective access control solution that is extremely easy to manage. The appliance itself is very IT friendly, and will allow for immediate integration into your existing network environment. No workstations or servers are required, only the AnyWare appliance and the AC-1700 controllers to manage your doors.

Sielox Class – Crisis Management

Sielox Class is a very cost effective daily incident and crisis management solution. Sielox Class integrates with existing devices and networks, making it a very easy solution to add to your building. Class reduces notification time for first responders by allowing for two way chat, email notifications and a dynamic map to show the status of all rooms within the building. This allows for accurate pinpointing of the incident or intruder. First responders no longer have to blindly enter the building and risk their lives, as this solution will allow them to visually see the location of any hazards. Sielox Class works with a variety of different color codes, such as Green for Safe/Secure, Yellow for Unaccounted Individual, Blue for Medical Emergency, Orange for Disturbance, and Red for Crisis Condition. Class is accessible from any browser based device, such as smartphones, laptops and tablets via the internet or local network.

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