As a proud Xerox and HP partner we can provide a vast variety of office printers

While electronic documents are becoming more and more, there will always be a need for a reliable printing solution.

Printers can either be a headache or the best thing that you ever invested in. We have lived through all the headaches ourselves and have tested a multitude of printers in trying environments, to find the right printer for the job. We have partnered with Xerox to provide the best possible printing solution for you and your office. Regardless of the size of printer that you are looking for, Xerox has the answer. We also offer supplies for printers, such as ink/toner, printing drums and more. We are your go to shop for all your printing needs.

As a proud Xerox and HP partner we can provide a vast variety of black and white printers

Monochrome Printers

Monochrome printers are a great solution for high-volume printing, where color is not required. These printers provide high-yield per cartridge, a variety of paper tray sizes and more. We offer a wide variety of monochrome printers, to ensure you get the right printer for the task. The advantage of monochrome printers is that only one toner is required for the printer for function. If you however need a color document, a monochrome printer won’t be much help with that.

As a proud Xerox and HP partner we can provide a vast variety of colour printers

Colour Printers

Colour printers are great printers for offices, where colour prints are a requirement. With high-yield cartridges and cost effective printing, colour printers are made for every task. Colour printers also come with the capability to switch your printer to monochrome, to preserve your colour ink from being used. Colour printers can be expanded to have multiple paper trays for different sizes, and are extremely simple to use.

As a proud Xerox and HP partner we can provide a vast variety of multifunction printers

Multi-Function Printers

Multi-function printers are the best of two worlds. They offer printing, scanning, copying, faxing and more right from the same machine. With easy to use digital touch displays and expandable tray options these devices are great for office use. They come in colour and monochrome versions, allowing you to pick the right machine for the task. Which printer you should to choose, largely depends on the size of your office and printing volume.

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