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Security and IT Solutions can be expensive. We can help!

Investing in a new access control, surveillance or IT infrastructure solution can be very expensive. Depending on your requirements, or the size of the application, costs can increase. Security and I.T. are however one of the backbones of most businesses and are required to be well built, reliable and most of all adapted to the application. As a business ourselves, we understand that large investments are oftentimes needed at the worst of times, or during an expansion of business. Putting a large sum of money down on a new solution can impact your cash-flow, which is never a desirable option. Instead, why not lease the equipment. Get the solution you need today, and pay for it via regular, easy installments. This option allows you to maximize your bottom line with your new solution, while minimizing the impact on cash-flow. The process to obtain funding is very easy. We will do a walk through and create an estimate, outlining all the costs for the equipment and service required. Once the decision is made to lease the equipment, we will take down all required information and will make sure to get you approved. Once all paperwork is signed, we will get everything installed, and you can start using your equipment right away.


Get a Quote

Before anything can be done, we will need to craft a quote for your unique situation. Never opt for a solution that is generic, and “works for everyone”, because that solution does not exist. It is important, especially in the I.T. and Security worlds to make sure you have a customized solution that suits your needs and fulfills all the requirements. Whether it may be special certifications that are required, or simply a customized solution to make sure every angle at your location is covered. We have experts available that can help you craft the solution that will work for you. We will do a site walk through or at the very least investigate the blueprints of your location for every single project quotation. This way we can ensure that the solution is created in perfect harmony with your location.


Apply for Leasing

Once we have provided the quotation to you, the decision of whether you want to lease the equipment lies with you. We do have a variety of payment solutions available, such as bank transfer, credit cards, cheques and more. If leasing the is the option you are going for, we will take all the information required to provide you with a quote on the interest rates and installments that you will be making. Once we have decided on the correct payment plan, we will complete all the paperwork and await the approval for your leasing. Our leasing specialists offer very fast turnarounds for their application processing, and the interest rates that are being offered are phenomenal. Applying for the leasing of your equipment really is as easy as 1-2-3. Once approved, we will provide you with all the necessary paperwork and the equipment.


Enjoy your new Equipment

As soon as your application is approved, we can go ahead and install all of your new equipment. Everything will be installed up to our installation guarantees. We will walk you through all of the equipment and make sure that you know how to use it. Getting new solutions installed, can sometimes be a bit of a learning curve, but we are here to eliminate exactly that. Since you will be leasing the equipment, the payment plan will take effect according to the date stated on all of the paperwork. All of the equipment will be yours at the end of the term. Leasing your equipment really is a great option, as you will be able to amortize your equipment and actually own it, instead of paying monthly rental fees for equipment that you will never fully own.

Looking for a new I.T. or Security Solution?

Get in touch with us and find out about our very easy leasing options for your next project. With our already low costs, and the phenomenal interest rates being offered, your next project can be realized a lot sooner. Call us at 1(844)-230-2730 today!

Why Leasing may be a great option for you



Cash-flow can be managed much easier, when your cash is not tied up in a project that you are currently engaged in. Having easy monthly payments to pay towards a large expense, can make those expenses easier to manage and free up your cash-flow. Furthermore, you will be able to invest your available cash in other projects, or high return investments, that may allow you to make more money, while making easy payments.


Get the Solution you need

Unfortunately, oftentimes, when a new security or I.T. solution is being put in place, cost is king. That means that many businesses will have products that may not be able to fulfill the job, or even worse, that will have high failure rates because of their cheap build quality. With our leasing options, you will be able to get the solution that you want and need, instead of the solution that you will settle for. Getting the products you really truly need and want, will allow you to maximize your bottom-line, futureproof your business and most of all boost productivity and security.

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